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3 Recipes for Delicious Fritters3 Recipes for Delicious Fritters
06 Oct.
Well-prepared fritters are a delicious dessert and wonderful breakfast. You can prepare soft, fluffy fritters in several ways. The French recipe for tasty fritters includes cream....
Delicious Recipes for Roasted GameDelicious Recipes for Roasted Game
02 Sept.
Put the well wrapped quails on top of a cooking grid and roast in a preheated {200 °C} oven for 15 min....
Recipes for Healthy and Delicious CrackersRecipes for Healthy and Delicious Crackers
25 Feb.
Crackers can be not only delicious but exceptionally healthy as well. It all comes down to their ingredients....
Quick and Delicious Recipes for GnocchiQuick and Delicious Recipes for Gnocchi
24 Oct.
Here are a few quick and delicious recipes for gnocchi to make at home....
5 Recipes for Delicious Soups with Pasta5 Recipes for Delicious Soups with Pasta
22 Oct.
However, Italian culture is actively becoming a part of many traditional cuisines by offering some of their delicious recipes of soup with pasta....
Delicious CookiesDelicious CookiesGradually pour and mix the flour and knead to a soft dough that does not make for hard cookies. The dough should not be sticky. This dough is rolled out and cut with cookie shapes....
Three Quick and Delicious Recipes for Milk SoupThree Quick and Delicious Recipes for Milk Soup
27 Oct.
Add the rice and saute everything on low heat until the ingredients are fully cooked. Beat the egg in the milk and pour this mixture into the cooked vegetables....
Three Delicious Borscht RecipesThree Delicious Borscht Recipes
16 Oct.
They're cooked using a myriad of vegetables, however, beetroots and cabbage are a must....
Delicious Recipes with ProsciuttoDelicious Recipes with Prosciutto
17 Sept.
Prosciutto rolls with fresh feta cheese are delicious and easy to make. You will need 10 transparently thin slices of prosciutto, 7 oz fresh feta cheese, a mixture of equal parts white, black and pink pepper....
Delicious Recipes with OctopusDelicious Recipes with Octopus
18 Aug.
With octopus you can prepare numerous tasty hors d'oeuvres and dishes, with which to pleasantly surprise and spoil your loved ones. A salad with octopus and mango is fresh and scrumptious, plus it's quite easy...
Delicious Recipes with GorgonzolaDelicious Recipes with Gorgonzola
25 Apr.
We have chosen 3 recipes with Gorgonzola - a salad, delicious bruschetta and a tasty and relatively quick to make dessert. The salad recipe is first....
Delicious Recipes with BreamDelicious Recipes with Bream
17 Mar.
When cooking bream, do not leave it unattended for extended periods during baking. It depends on the size of the fish, but usually about 20 min. are enough to cook it....
Home-Style Recipe for Extravagant Arabic DonerHome-Style Recipe for Extravagant Arabic Doner
26 Mar.
The pan I used to cook the Arabic pitas was 11 3/4″ (30 cm) in diameter. Once the pan has heated up well, grease it with a gauze swab. Cook the pitas on moderate heat....
Delicious Arabic Vegetable SpreadDelicious Arabic Vegetable SpreadThe Delicious Arabic Snack is ready....
Delicious Recipes with Brussels SproutsDelicious Recipes with Brussels Sprouts
16 June
We have prepared 3 recipes with this product, all of them quick to prepare....
Delicious Recipes with Cream CheeseDelicious Recipes with Cream Cheese
19 May
The recipe is perfect for making during the weekdays because it's very quick. Cut 5 Vienna sausages into round slices, about 3/4″ (2 cm) thick....
Delicious Wine CookiesDelicious Wine Cookies
03 Feb.
Roll the ready wine cookies in powdered sugar, to which you can add powdered vanilla....
Six Tried and Delicious Hummus RecipesSix Tried and Delicious Hummus Recipes
03 Nov.
And since spices play a major role in Arab cuisine, different hummus recipes contain not only differing ingredients but different spices as well....
Types of Lean Fish and the Most Delicious Recipes for ThemTypes of Lean Fish and the Most Delicious Recipes for Them
09 Mar.
One of the most appetizing recipes for cod fillet includes a marinade of white wine, fresh lemon juice and a few drops of soya sauce....
Cookies for DiabeticsCookies for Diabetics
02 Aug.
Arrange the cookies onto baking paper and put them to bake in a preheated {175 °C} oven until slightly pink. The ready cookies need to have a light color to them....
Cookies for TeaCookies for Tea
18 Aug.
Fat Berta
Once the cookies are baked you can stick them together with marmalade or a jam of your choice....
Delicious Stuffing for TortelliniDelicious Stuffing for Tortellini
12 Nov.
In the different regions of the country, as in the different countries themselves, there exist numerous and delicious varieties of tortellini stuffing....
Irresistible Recipes for SaganakiIrresistible Recipes for Saganaki
09 July
Supermarkets sell cleaned and cooked shrimp in plastic packaging. They will also get the job done perfectly....
Nonstandard Recipes for HummusNonstandard Recipes for Hummus
14 May
A nonstandard recipe sure to impress every fan of this appetizer is walnut-lemon hummus....
Authentic Recipes for HummusAuthentic Recipes for Hummus
19 July
Here are some useful recipes for making hummus....