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Exquisite Hors D'oeuvres from French CuisineExquisite Hors D'oeuvres from French Cuisine
03 Feb.
Here are some of the most exquisite ones: Cold cheese plate Ingredients: pineapple, grapes, cheese, blue cheese, emmental cheese....
Dairy DelicacyDairy Delicacy
12 Nov.
Serve the dairy delicacy with slices of cucumber....
French-Style Roasted ChickenFrench-Style Roasted Chicken
28 Aug.
Sprinkle with fresh, finely chopped parsley and use the prepared mixture to stuff the chicken. Cover the stuffed chicken with slices of bacon, tie it with string and bake everything in a moderate oven until tender....
Home-Made Delicacy SausagesHome-Made Delicacy Sausages
06 May
The variety of sausages in the world today is unimaginable. This is easily explained from a historical perspective. The first known evidence for making durable meat products is from 2, 600 years ago from Italy, Greece and...
Horse Sausage - Dietary DelicacyHorse Sausage - Dietary Delicacy
26 Nov.
Horse meat is a delicacy, and although many people raise their eyebrows in surprise, the truth is that it is delicious when prepared properly....
Exquisite Recipes with LobsterExquisite Recipes with Lobster
01 June
If you want to pleasantly surprise your guests, serve them some exquisite lobster dishes. Lobster meat is delicious, soft and dietetic. Lobster in tomato-cognac sauce is a true high class dish....
Marinated Pigeons in Red WineMarinated Pigeons in Red Wine
23 Jan.
Fat Berta
Meanwhile, take the pigeons out with a slotted spoon and remove the marinade. Then roll the pigeons in the flour and put them in the pot with the breasts facing down. Pour in the marinade and broth....
Exquisite BriocheExquisite Brioche
11 Sept.
Dissolve the yeast in a bowl with the water and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Leave covered in a warm place for 10 minutes. Sift the flour into a large bowl with the salt, add the remaining sugar, 5 eggs and leavened yeast....
Fresh Walnuts are a Vitamin and Mineral BombFresh Walnuts are a Vitamin and Mineral Bomb
30 Oct.
- Even though they are so delicious when roasted, it's always preferable to consume walnuts fresh. You can even make walnut milk by blending fresh walnuts and adding water or fruit juice to them....
Delicate Cream PancakesDelicate Cream Pancakes
14 Jan.
Beat the eggs with the sugar well. Add the other products and mix well again. The pancakes are fried in a hot pan with butter. Serve topped with whipped confectionery cream and chocolate sauce....
Suitable Garnish For Roasted MeatSuitable Garnish For Roasted MeatPlain mashed potatoes become an exquisite side dish if you add pesto sauce, fried onions or garlic, wasabi or grated blue cheese....
Delicious Recipes for Roasted GameDelicious Recipes for Roasted Game
02 Sept.
Roast for an hour and a half at {240 C°}. Roasted meat from wild boar is phenomenal and loved by game aficionados. Roasted boar meat with wine is a genuine temptation....
Ideas for French Dessert CreamsIdeas for French Dessert Creams
11 Mar.
Some of the most scrumptious dessert creams have a French origin. One such example is French cream made from cottage cheese, famous for its softness and taste....
The Secret to French PancakesThe Secret to French Pancakes
21 Jan.
This is only so if you know the culinary tricks that the French use. First of all, the pancakes can be made with water, as well as milk....
Remarkable Facts about French CuisineRemarkable Facts about French Cuisine
10 Nov.
There are all sorts of snail dishes and they have been considered a true delicacy since time immemorial....