Fragrant Thyme Protects the Brain from DementiaFragrant Thyme Protects the Brain from Dementia
25 Sept.
One effective natural remedy that can help protect us from dementia is thyme. The aromatic herb is rich in flavonoids, that have an antioxidant effect....
Superfoods that Protect from the FluSuperfoods that Protect from the Flu
14 Jan.
The most appropriate way is to protect ourselves from the initial phase - infection. And this can happen with the aid of the right foods, doctors recommend....
24 Apr.
Rosemary can be propagated from an existing plant by cutting the tip with a length of 10-15 cm, removing a few leaves from the bottom edge and straight pins....
Pink Garlic Protects Foods from MoldPink Garlic Protects Foods from Mold
05 Nov.
Pink garlic from Cuenca is famous throughout the world. It has a characteristic color, strong distinct smell and a stimulating, spicy taste....
Walnuts Protect Women from DiabetesWalnuts Protect Women from Diabetes
02 May
Walnuts are globally known as brain food. The reason for this is their high concentration of omega-3 oils....
Lunch Time Coffee Protects you from DiabetesLunch Time Coffee Protects you from Diabetes
16 Feb.
Believe that thanks to researchers at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, who published the results their research in the magazine American Journal....
Eat Mangoes to Protect Yourself from InfectionsEat Mangoes to Protect Yourself from Infections
14 Mar.
The most widely consumed fruit in the world, the mango, contains substances which protect the body from being infected with listeriosis, scientists have found....
Flavorful Strawberries Protect the HeartFlavorful Strawberries Protect the Heart
22 Apr.
Their latest research showed that eating strawberries every day can reduce the risk of heart problems and stroke....
Eat Red Peppers to Protect Yourself from CancerEat Red Peppers to Protect Yourself from Cancer
07 July
The combination of these 2 products will lower the risk of tumor growth....
Delicious Rosemary-Flavored DishesDelicious Rosemary-Flavored Dishes
04 Apr.
It is not recommended to put rosemary in a dish with basil or parsley, since rosemary has an incredibly strong flavor and will suppress the flavors of the other spices....
How To Separate The Yolks From The Egg Whites?How To Separate The Yolks From The Egg Whites?Honestly, we don't need the luxury tools or appliances that are used to separate the egg whites from the yolks ....
The Healthiest Dishes from Around the WorldThe Healthiest Dishes from Around the World
04 Nov.
This is not only a quick but also an easy method of cooking food products, all the while making the nutrients easier for absorption....
Quick and Easy Cake from the CookbookQuick and Easy Cake from the Cookbook
18 Jan.
Break the eggs and beat them with the sugar (no need to beat too much or use a mixer). Add the oil, sifted flour and the yoghurt to which you've added the baking soda. Stir. Add the vanilla and crumbled walnuts. Stir...
Flatbreads from Around the WorldFlatbreads from Around the World
22 Nov.
Crispy, thin as a pancake and remarkably easy to prepare, it smells of olive oil, rosemary and chickpeas....
How to prevent strokeHow to prevent stroke
04 Jan.
Hemorrhagic stroke occurs due to the rupture of a blood vessel - from the damaged vessel’s bleeding, the brain is disrupted. The reason for the rupture of a blood vessel is usually high blood pressure....