Foods That Will Make you Unpleasant CompanyFoods That Will Make you Unpleasant Company
23 Jan.
In case you have a hot date, interview or are going out in public, it is wise to exclude certain foods from your diet....
Disgusting Facts That Will Make you Quit Eating Fast FoodDisgusting Facts That Will Make you Quit Eating Fast Food
09 Oct.
Among the other things that have been found and continue to be present in fast food are rodent hair, insects and microbial agents - bacteriophages that prevent processed food from spoiling....
Diets Make us Twice as SadDiets Make us Twice as Sad
19 Aug.
There are many food diets that are hazardous to our health and can seriously damage one of our senses. Neurologist from Florida claim that diets rich in excess fat are harmful to health and our sense of smell....
Spices that make Potatoes IrresistibleSpices that make Potatoes Irresistible
01 May
As we consider the various dishes that contain potatoes, we can put different products in, so let's see which are the best aromas that we must add to the potatoes, whatever we have prepared with them....
Foods that Burn FatFoods that Burn Fat
16 Feb.
Fish is also in the group of foods that burn fat. With a fish diet that lasts month and one follows it two or three days a week, you can drop a pound. The other days, you can eat a normal menu....
Foods that cause heartburnFoods that cause heartburn
21 Jan.
When eating large portions of foods containing acids in their chemical composition, these acids are released in large quantities that can not be processed completely in the stomach and cause an unpleasant burning feeling....
Which Foods Make us Sleepy?Which Foods Make us Sleepy?
11 Aug.
At the same time, they are not a source of any of the elements that make us feel alert. It's no wonder that after eating several slices of white bread we'd like nothing more than to take a quick nap. 2. Bananas....
14 Misconceptions about Food that Harm us14 Misconceptions about Food that Harm us
07 May
A new study reveals however, that this type of drink is actually more likely to relax the body, rather than awakening it. Results showed that any drink with less than 10 mg of caffeine actually makes us more tired....
Foods That Fatten us UnnoticeablyFoods That Fatten us Unnoticeably
16 May
Should we make a bet that you'll be shocked? Sodas We need to completely exclude sodas from our daily diet....
Five Foods That Cause HungerFive Foods That Cause Hunger
07 Mar.
The problem arises when we primarily choose fruits that are too sweet (there's no sense denying it - kale and celery don't make the most delicious juices)....
Foods That Chase Away AppetiteFoods That Chase Away Appetite
07 Aug.
When they end up in the stomach they are processed as solid food and make it harder for a person to become hungry....
Foods That Upset the StomachFoods That Upset the Stomach
22 May
At the same time, it's crucial to know that certain foods upset the stomach and even though they should not be completely excluded from our weekly diet, we must approach them with more caution and not overconsume them....
Dangerous Foods That Cause CancerDangerous Foods That Cause Cancer
15 Apr.
Few of these actually attribute their troubling diagnosis to the foods they consume....
Foods That Curb your AppetiteFoods That Curb your Appetite
25 Mar.
It is thought that in this way you will fool your brain - it will get the signal that you're eating something sweet, which means it also has plenty of calories and your desire to eat will go away....
Foods That Whet your AppetiteFoods That Whet your Appetite
20 Nov.
Diet Soda Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners, which not only provide 0 nutritional substances for our body, they also make us hungry. Initially sweeteners make us feel satiated but then intensify hunger....