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Puff Pastries with SpritePuff Pastries with Sprite
24 Nov.
Melt the butter, put it in a bowl, stir with the sugar, add the vanilla, cinnamon and Sprite soda. Smear an oven dish with a little butter....
Blue MagicBlue Magic
21 Aug.
Top up with the Sprite. If you want to get a stronger cocktail, use champagne instead of Sprite....
Mont d'OrMont d'Or
19 June
The cheese is left to age in a special oval container made of spruce....
Granny’s SoupGranny’s SoupGranny’s soup is spruced up with spices to taste and served with croutons....
Non-Alcoholic Raspberry CocktailNon-Alcoholic Raspberry CocktailIn a suitable glass, filled with ice, pour the mixture of raspberry syrup and a diced lemon and top it up with the sprite. Add some mint leaves as well. Cheers!...
What Foods to Serve with ShirazWhat Foods to Serve with Shiraz
20 Dec.
It is no accident that it is described thus: “Shiraz is like a spruce young man in a tuxedo, cowboy boots and a sombrero.”...
Strawberry PunchStrawberry PunchDilute it with a sprite before serving....
White SangriaWhite SangriaPour the fruit-flavored wine, alcohol and Sprite. You can adjust the proportions of the products according to your taste. Stir with a long-handled spoon and serve the sangria straight away....
Non-Alcoholic Blueberry MojitoNon-Alcoholic Blueberry MojitoTop up the non-alcoholic cocktails with sprite, pour the remaining juice and attach a lime circle to each glass. Stir lightly with a cocktail spoon and serve the wonderful non-alcoholic blueberry mojito....
Quick Pink Gin CocktailQuick Pink Gin CocktailPour 50 ml of pink gin and top it up with 1 1/5 cups (300 ml) of sprite. Garnish it with lemon or orange slices. Depending on the cup you use, you can reduce or increase the amount of ingredients....
Spectacular Homemade Mint SyrupSpectacular Homemade Mint Syrup
28 June
The syrup is ideal for diluting with a water, sparkling water or Sprite - they make wonderful cocktails....
Cocktails with GinCocktails with Gin
22 Aug.
Next, pour the gin into a glass and add some carbonated water (can use Sprite) - about 2/5 cup. Then add the mint and ice. Place a lemon slice on the rim of the glass - serve with a straw....
Eat Only Overripe Bananas with Dark Spots on the Peel!Eat Only Overripe Bananas with Dark Spots on the Peel!
25 Sept.
For example, the abundant amounts of potassium in bananas make them a desirable food after a drinking spree. If you've had one too many the night before, the banana is your best friend against a hangover....
The Best Foods for Fighting a HangoverThe Best Foods for Fighting a Hangover
10 Aug.
Alcohol lovers on the other hand know full well the unpleasant feeling the morning after a drinking spree - the so-called hangover....
Beaufort CheeseBeaufort Cheese
25 Feb.
Traditionally it is stored on wooden shelves crafted from spruce. It takes 5 to 12 months for a cheese to fully mature. In rare cases, the dairy products are left to age for more than a year....
27 Jan.
It is found in coniferous forests of spruce and pine, rarely in beech forests. Appears early in the spring and continues to grow until late autumn....
18 Feb.
Soju is often mixed with Sprite, tonic or syrup. The addition of various flavors gives soju the taste of melon, watermelon or lemon....
Sangria with Rose, Rum and BrandySangria with Rose, Rum and BrandyThe Spaniards never skip adding it, but I will admit that I sometimes do, especially if I did not use soda, but a tonic or sprite....
10 Mar.
Not long after, there sprung up factories producing Limburger. During the 30s of the last century, the number of factories grew to more than 100....
Munster CheeseMunster Cheese
24 Mar.
Eventually, a settlement called Munster sprung up around the monastery. Its name was taken from the Latin word for monastery - Monasterium. That was how the cheese was given its name as well....
09 Mar.
Ingredients: 3 1/3 tbsp vodka, 2 tbsp blue Curaçao, 2/3 cup Sprite, several slices of pineapple for decoration. Preparation: Put ice and the drinks in a blender. Blend until you get a homogeneous mixture....
26 Jan.
During the battle, which Zeus had with the Titans from their dripping blood sprung blackberry bushes....
27 Aug.
History of Acacia According to mythology, the Egyptian god Horus sprung forth from acacia. What's more, this tree is considered to be the home of the goddess Neith....
11 Feb.
Throughout the years, many natural and artificial intergeneric hybrids have sprung up. That is why they sometimes call the plant Chinese mandarin and other times golden orange....