Sugar CaneSugar Cane
26 Jan.
Application of sugarcane In the past, sugar cane is grown mainly as a raw material for the production of sugar, but now is not the base product to obtain sugar....
Sugar AddictionSugar Addiction
20 Jan.
You can take sugar after your main meal, as it has less effect on your blood sugar levels. Sugar addiction can cause serious health problems. Preventive measures are always better than cure....
Powdered SugarPowdered Sugar
02 Jan.
Powdered sugar crystal, also called castor sugar, is mechanically crushed sugar....
Sugar BeetSugar Beet
27 Dec.
The roots of the sugar beet are delivered to the sugar mills. Sugar cane is the main source of sugar for temperate zones....
Palm SugarPalm Sugar
03 June
Cooking with Palm Sugar Palm sugar is without a doubt an excellent sugar substitute....
Sugar PalmSugar Palm
18 Mar.
Raw sugar can also be obtained from the drink, called jaggery or Taal Patali among the Bengali. In Indonesia the name used is Javanese sugar - this sugar is widely using in cooking on the island of Java....
Brown SugarBrown Sugar
12 Feb.
History of Brown Sugar Brown sugar has a remarkably long history and was the 1st type of sugar ever to be used in cooking....
Fruit sugar and diabetesFruit sugar and diabetes
06 Jan.
Fructose is also called fruit sugar, because it is the natural sugar contained in fruit. White sugar is also known as sucrose, is a product of sugar cane or sugar beets....
Ten healthy sugar substitutesTen healthy sugar substitutes
03 Jan.
Sugar obtained from dates goes through minimal heat treatment and is considered more natural and healthy than sugar derived from sugar beets and sugar cane....
Curious Facts about SugarCurious Facts about Sugar
28 Apr.
Unlike fruits, sugar is the only sweet substance which has no other taste aside from its main....
Sugar Biscuit BallsSugar Biscuit Balls
28 June
Dip them in sugar before baking. Bake in a moderate oven....
Quick Sugar BiscuitsQuick Sugar Biscuits
21 Nov.
Sprinkle them with a little more sugar. Bake the sugar biscuits in a strong oven....
Easy Sugar CookiesEasy Sugar Cookies
13 Apr.
Dip them again in egg white and sprinkle with more sugar. Arrange the cookies in an oven dish laid out with baking paper. Bake in a preheated oven until golden....
How to Make Powdered SugarHow to Make Powdered Sugar
09 May
Just have your regular granulated sugar. It would be nice if the granulated sugar is high. Then you will surely get a really good quality powdered sugar. Better if the crystals are tiny....
Spices That Control Blood SugarSpices That Control Blood Sugar
13 Oct.
There are certain spices you should add to your diet to successfully control blood sugar levels and keep them within the normal range....