Doughy Delights with Potato FlourDoughy Delights with Potato Flour
09 June
When we're talking about making doughy delights with potato flour, we're not actually talking about real potato flour that's generally familiar to people who follow gluten-free diets, nor potato starch, which is entirely...
Italian Delights with Caciocavallo CheeseItalian Delights with Caciocavallo Cheese
12 Dec.
Serve sprinkled with Caciocavallo and generously decorated with basil leaves....
28 Dec.
Especially nice is the mixture with the addition of cow butter, a little nuts, dried fruits, jams, marmalades and even cookies. Sweeten the porridge with Semolina, because it is tasteless....
Sweets with Turkish DelightSweets with Turkish Delight
26 Sept.
In the triangles, put Turkish delight, jam, chocolate or feta cheese to your liking and wind into a roll. Next, smear them with egg yolk and bake in a moderate oven....
Sweet Salami with Turkish DelightSweet Salami with Turkish Delight
12 Dec.
Crumble the biscuits finely and stir with the butter, powdered sugar, raisins, crumbled walnuts and cut into pieces Turkish Delight. Stir the mixture with the cocoa....
Sweet Baked Macaroni with Turkish DelightSweet Baked Macaroni with Turkish Delight
02 Apr.
Cut the Turkish delight into the smallest possible pieces. Blend the finished mixture with the Turkish delight and macaroni, stir and pour it into a greased tray. Bake in moderate oven until browned....
Sweet Phyllo Pastry with Turkish DelightSweet Phyllo Pastry with Turkish Delight
25 Jan.
Smear it generously with the mixture and cover with a 2nd sheet. Put pieces of Turkish delight in the narrow end of the sheet and wrap it into a tight roll. Repeat for all of the sheets....
Turkish Delight Sweets with BeerTurkish Delight Sweets with Beer
16 May
In the center of each, put a piece of Turkish delight and cover it with the dough. You can also put walnuts in with the Turkish delight....
Appetizing Sweets with Poppy SeedsAppetizing Sweets with Poppy Seeds
22 Apr.
Here are the required products: Turkish delight cookies with poppy seeds Ingredients: 3 cups flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 cup oil, 1 cup water, 2-3 tablespoons poppy seeds, lemon zest, 3.5 oz Turkish delight...
Sweet Turkish Delight CookiesSweet Turkish Delight Cookies
25 Apr.
Alternatively, you can also roll out the dough, cut out squares and wrap into rolls with the Turkish delight. Or just tear out balls and stuff Turkish delight in them....
Sweet Turkish Delight BallsSweet Turkish Delight Balls
24 Apr.
Store the Turkish Delight Balls in a container with a lid. The longer they sit around, the crumblier they get....
Sweet Salami with Biscuits and Turkish DelightSweet Salami with Biscuits and Turkish Delight
14 May
Melt the Turkish delight in the water in a suitable container in the microwave. For anyone who doesn't use a microwave, you can achieve the same result with a water bath....
Sweet Homemade Phyllo Pastry with Turkish DelightSweet Homemade Phyllo Pastry with Turkish Delight
28 Sept.
Stack in the following order: smear the 1st sheet with oil, the 2nd with filling and so on, alternating, while also adding Turkish delight pieces where you deem appropriate....
Sweet Pie with Turkish Delight and StuffingSweet Pie with Turkish Delight and Stuffing
22 June
Take 2 phyllo pastry sheets at a time and smear them with stuffing, arrange pieces of sliced Turkish delight and roll them up. Arrange the sheets in a baking dish....
Fantastic Sweet Phyllo Pastry with Turkish DelightFantastic Sweet Phyllo Pastry with Turkish Delight
26 July
Take a phyllo pastry sheet, smear it with the egg mixture using a brush and cover with a 2nd sheet. Arrange the pieces of Turkish Delight in the narrow end of the sheet tightly and wrap it into a roll....