Tempeh is a Vegetarian's Meat SubstituteTempeh is a Vegetarian's Meat Substitute
10 Oct.
Eating tempeh maintains normal blood sugar levels. The easiest way of preparing tempeh is by first cutting it into pieces....
Thickening Agent for KhashThickening Agent for Khash
20 Dec.
Carefully temper it with broth from the khash and pour everything into the pot with khash. Season with salt, black pepper and paprika....
Soup with YoghurtSoup with YoghurtStir and thicken with the egg yolks that have been whipped with a little vinegar, temper it carefully. Serve with croutons. Optionally, you can add crushed garlic....
Classic Lentil StewClassic Lentil Stew
22 Aug.
Temper the roux with some of the lentil broth and add it to the dish....
Homemade Kurban SoupHomemade Kurban Soup
30 May
Make a thickening agent of the eggs beaten with the milk, temper with a little of the soup broth and add this to the main soup. Sprinkle with parsley and black pepper to taste....
Easy Tomato SauceEasy Tomato Sauce
21 Dec.
Strain the sauce, bring to a boil and temper with more butter. Serve the sauce with certain meat dishes. Without the butter roux, you can use it as a base for other sauces with spices, wine and other products....
Boston CreamBoston CreamTemper both mixtures slowly and carefully. Return them to the pot and stir until thickened. Leave the prepared cream to cool and then mix it thoroughly with the whipped cream....
Tarhana SoupTarhana Soup
17 Jan.
Temper it before you add it to the soup. The tarhana is served sprinkled with paprika....
Fish Soup with OnionsFish Soup with Onions
11 Sept.
Temper carefully to prevent it from curdling. Finally, add the chopped parsley. Serve the fish soup with croutons....
Lamb Offal SoupLamb Offal Soup
13 Feb.
Temper the thickening agent with the soup and pour it all into the pot. Remove from heat and serve the soup with some chopped fresh parsley....
Lean BorschtLean Borscht
20 July
Temper with a little broth from the soup and bring it to a boil while stirring nonstop. Return it back to the soup and sprinkle with the chopped parsley....
Flour and Milk CreamFlour and Milk CreamSeparately, beat the eggs with the flour and gradually add the hot milk while stirring to temper the eggs. Once this happens, add the egg mixture to the milk and stir vigorously....
Milk Cream with FlourMilk Cream with Flour
19 Mar.
Pour in a cup of the warm milk to the mixture and blend with a mixer, to temper it. Then pour this mixture in to the milk on the stove and stir until the cream thickens....
Cream Soup with Potatoes and NettleCream Soup with Potatoes and Nettle
12 Mar.
Separately, whip the egg with the cream very well and gently temper the thickening agent with the soup....
Soup with Zucchini and CarrotsSoup with Zucchini and Carrots
21 Nov.
Temper with the soup and add black pepper....