Healthy Cookie SubstituteHealthy Cookie Substitute
05 Oct.
Soak the oats in the yoghurt, stir and leave them aside to take in the flavor and soften. Peel, core and grate an apple, add it to the oats, along with the honey, raisins and cinnamon to taste. If you're a die-hard fan...
Monk Fruit is the New Sugar SubstituteMonk Fruit is the New Sugar Substitute
27 Aug.
In recent times, stores and markets have been flooded with sugar substitutes. Their use is healthy and changes our overall view of what we eat....
Super Healthy Biscuits without SugarSuper Healthy Biscuits without Sugar
30 May
They've got a pleasant sweetness, even without sugar, are healthy, homemade. Enjoy!...
Healthy Cake without Flour and SugarHealthy Cake without Flour and Sugar
18 May
Remove the pits from the dates. Put all of the ingredients, excluding the apples, walnuts and cranberries, in a blender and blend to a smooth mixture. Add the walnuts and cranberries. Stir and pour it into a medium-sized...
Healthy Banana Cake without Flour and SugarHealthy Banana Cake without Flour and Sugar
26 July
Peel the bananas, cut them into pieces and mash them together with the cottage cheese. To the banana mixture, add the eggs, cinnamon, cocoa, nutmeg, vanillas and baking powder. Continue beating but do so with a mixer....
21 Dec.
Daily allowance of sugar In 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) required a healthy dose consumption of sugar a day - no more than 10% of calories....
Substitutes for Nontraditional IngredientsSubstitutes for Nontraditional Ingredients
19 May
Using some clever tricks, you can create substitutes for these nontraditional products....
Palm SugarPalm Sugar
03 June
Cooking with Palm Sugar Palm sugar is without a doubt an excellent sugar substitute....
Brown SugarBrown Sugar
12 Feb.
Cooking with Brown Sugar The caramel flavor of brown sugar makes it an excellent addition to tea, coffee and various cocktails. Brown sugar can substitute white sugar entirely in different sweets....
Sugar PalmSugar Palm
18 Mar.
Still, the health benefits of this plant have not been well studied. What is known for now is that due to their abundant composition, consumption of sugar palm fruits strengthens the immune system....
Sugar CaneSugar Cane
26 Jan.
Application of sugarcane In the past, sugar cane is grown mainly as a raw material for the production of sugar, but now is not the base product to obtain sugar....
Sugar AddictionSugar Addiction
20 Jan.
• Homemade food: Avoid eating out and head to the adoption of domestic food without sugar. • Use sugar substitutes: You can use honey, as it has many health benefits....
Powdered SugarPowdered Sugar
02 Jan.
Riboflavin (B2) - 0.019 mg (1%), Minerals: Calcium, Ca - 1 mg (0%); Iron, Fe -0.01 mg (0%); Potassium, K - 2 mg (0%) Recommended daily dose of sugar In 2003 the World Health Organization (WHO) put a healthy...
Sugar BeetSugar Beet
27 Dec.
The roots of the sugar beet are delivered to the sugar mills. Sugar cane is the main source of sugar for temperate zones....
What are the Milk Substitutes?What are the Milk Substitutes?
23 Feb.
Almond milk has quite a sharp and at times bitter almond taste but is extremely healthy. So if you don't like almonds you won't like almond milk either....