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The Best Foods for Fighting a HangoverThe Best Foods for Fighting a Hangover
10 Aug.
Even the best among alcohol abstainers have had to drink at least one glass for one occasion or another....
Parsley Tea for Strengthening the BonesParsley Tea for Strengthening the BonesFor the preparation of the tea we need a glass heat-resistant container with a lid or teapot, in which the fresh parsley is put (freshly picked from the garden), pre-washed and cut (without the stems). Pour hot water over...
Black Elder Syrup for a Strong Immune SystemBlack Elder Syrup for a Strong Immune System
02 Oct.
Drink 1 tsp of the syrup every morning before breakfast to boost the immune system!...
Foods for Preventing the FluFoods for Preventing the Flu
29 Nov.
Health experts advise us to counter upcoming flu and cold diseases by boosting our immune system with the consumption of specific foods....
The Best Chicken of AllThe Best Chicken of All
16 May
Cut the chicken legs in 2 - the actual legs and the thighs. Chop the onions finely, add the olive oil to a pan and heat it on the stove. Put the chicken legs in the oil and braise briefly until golden, while also turning...
Herring - the Best Fish for WinterHerring - the Best Fish for Winter
10 Dec.
According to scientists, it is best to leave pork on the sidelines and buy other food with which to substitute it - herring is perfectly suitable....
A Piece of Feta Cheese Per Day Boosts the Immune SystemA Piece of Feta Cheese Per Day Boosts the Immune System
04 Apr.
The end results showed that the frequent consumption of feta cheese helped to stimulate their immune system....
Beetroot - The Best Remedy for Sore ThroatBeetroot - The Best Remedy for Sore ThroatWhen you feel the first signs of sore throat, it is necessary to take urgent measures to treat the disease. Only then will it be possible to stop the reproduction of harmful bacteria. Of course, this does not preclude a...
The Best Marinades For Meat And VegetablesThe Best Marinades For Meat And VegetablesMeat and vegetables become much tastier if they stay in the marinade before cooking. This makes them more tender and aromatic. The meat will acquire the aroma of a Chinese dish if you marinate it in a mixture of 2 tablespoons...
The Best Creams for a Biscuit CakeThe Best Creams for a Biscuit Cake
14 Oct.
Biscuit cake is probably the easiest and most delicious homemade dessert. You can prepare it in so many ways - using available products, and if you want something special, you can always improvise. Recipes for biscuit...
The Right Foods for your BreastsThe Right Foods for your Breasts
06 June
Pumpkin seeds - they contain zinc, which improves the newborn's immune system. Lactic acid products - they contain vast quantities of calcium, proteins and vitamin B....
The Pumpkin is the Healthiest Food for DiabeticsThe Pumpkin is the Healthiest Food for Diabetics
08 Aug.
Among the products that are good for diabetics, the pumpkin claims first place. It is low in calories and aids in controlling weight. When it comes to nutritional supplementation and healthy substances, the pumpkin...
The Best Fish GarnishesThe Best Fish GarnishesHere is a list of ideas for the best and most delicious fish garnishes. The most common side dish, especially in the summer heat are french fries....
The Most Harmful Foods for your ChildThe Most Harmful Foods for your Child
06 Jan.
Some foods can have an adverse effect on the weight of the child, by leading to a rapid increase in pounds. A few types of food are harmful to your child's health....
Tutmanik for the SoulTutmanik for the Soul
29 Dec.
Sift the flour. Dissolve the yeast with 1/2 cup cool water. To the yeast, add 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp flour, stir and leave the mixture in a warm area until effervescent. Pour the ready mixture into the flour, add the...
Cake for the SoulCake for the Soul
03 Feb.
Mixture 1: Beat the yolks with half the sugar to a fluffy cream. Add the 4 eggs 1 by 1 and continue beating with a mixer, while also adding the rest of the sugar in a thin trickle. Add the oil and stir. Add the flour in...
Ten ways to strengthen your immune systemTen ways to strengthen your immune system
28 Nov.
Your immune system is a shield against viruses, bacteria and other enemies, such as cancer cells, which can endanger your health. If your immune system is healthy, your body fights infections easily....
Which Are the Best Spices for Steaks?Which Are the Best Spices for Steaks?What can we say, except for sworn vegans and vegetarians, no one refuses a juicy and fragrant steak. And the good news for all gourmands, is that they are so easy to prepare, that even novice cooks can handle the task....
Peppers for Stuffing for the WinterPeppers for Stuffing for the Winter
28 Sept.
This recipe will allow you to eat fresh-like peppers all winter long. Put water to boil in a deep pot. Add the salt to dissolve. Core the peppers, remove the seeds. Then put them in the water. It needs to come to...
Harmful and Healthy Foods for the Thyroid GlandHarmful and Healthy Foods for the Thyroid Gland
20 Jan.
The best advice is to consume cruciferous vegetables raw, boiled or in juice form....
About The Best Hydrating DrinksAbout The Best Hydrating DrinksWater with fresh lemon juice is a natural antiseptic - it prevents the entry of harmful bacteria from food into the body. Undoubtedly, lemon water is among the best hydrating drinks, with strong purifying properties....
The Best Whiskey in the World is JapaneseThe Best Whiskey in the World is Japanese
17 Nov.
The Japanese whiskey Yamazaki has been declared as the best in the world, writes the Daily Mail....
The Healthiest Winter FoodsThe Healthiest Winter Foods
19 Jan.
Which is why today we've decided to offer you a list of several foods, thanks to which you can boost your body's immune system defenses. 1....
Beware! The Smelliest Foods in the WorldBeware! The Smelliest Foods in the World
23 Sept.
But there are several foods that make the top of the list of the smelliest foods in the world....
Drink Pumpkin Juice to Boost Your Immune SystemDrink Pumpkin Juice to Boost Your Immune System
16 Oct.
Pumpkin juice can be added as a detox food in your daily menu. Pumpkin juice has been proven to boost the immune system tremendously....