Dairy and fruit dietDairy and fruit diet
10 Jan.
Except for a thin waist, a dairy, fruit and vegetable diet has a healing effect on some diseases....
The Soup DietThe Soup Diet
28 Aug.
The good thing about the soup diet is that you can make it with whatever products you prefer....
The Rural DietThe Rural Diet
07 Nov.
An adequate rural diet lasts 3 weeks but if necessary you can reduce its duration to 2 weeks. This diet contains a limited list of products for consumption....
The Pomelo DietThe Pomelo Diet
29 Oct.
Since the diet is abundant in fiber, this will have a positive effect on the intestines, and will, of course, improve digestion. After you finish dieting, it is advised to continue eating healthy and balanced....
Diet Drinks and Heart DiseaseDiet Drinks and Heart Disease
30 Apr.
The truth about the connection between diet soda and heart disease Nowadays, many people are against the claims made about diet soda....
Aromatic Rosemary and its Health BenefitsAromatic Rosemary and its Health Benefits
28 May
Rosemary is a wonderful spice rich in nutrients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Rosmarinus Officinalis thrives in basic soil and is highly widespread in the Mediterranean Sea and Asia Minor regions. Its...
Parsley Tea and its Healing PowersParsley Tea and its Healing Powers
01 Dec.
Parsley is commonly used in the culinary arts, but as you may know, tea can also be made from it, which is good for many ailments. Usually, parsley tea is recommended for irregular menstrual cycle. Besides its ability...
Baba Vanga's Advice on Health and EatingBaba Vanga's Advice on Health and Eating
19 Feb.
Have faith - even the healthiest person will die if he doesn't have faith. Do not sit in a draft, do not sit in a humid area, do not drink cold water. Most diseases come from catching a cold, from humidity....
The Western Diet Shortens our Lives!The Western Diet Shortens our Lives!
29 Mar.
Scientists add that here we're talking about people who actually did eat healthy at the beginning of their life but as a result of changes later on they adopted the Western diet....
Gomashio - What it is and its Culinary UseGomashio - What it is and its Culinary Use
17 Jan.
Salt is one of the most fascinating and healthy spices. There is no physiological function in the living body that does not depend on natural salt. However, there is a huge difference between naturally found salts, that...
The Healthiest Part of the Cucumber is its SeedsThe Healthiest Part of the Cucumber is its Seeds
10 Aug.
The cucumber makes an excellent addition to brandy and rakia, is the perfect ally in the battle with excess weight and wrinkles. We now find ourselves in cucumber season and experts highly recommend for us to eat...
Diet PancakesDiet Pancakes
19 Sept.
Grind the oats in a grinder. Beat the eggs and add the oats, salt, yogurt, and after beating well, add the water and mix again. Preheat the frying pan and grease it. Bake pancakes in the usual way, turning them over carefully...
Diet CakeDiet Cake
24 Jan.
Soak the oats and coconut flakes in hot water until they swell and absorb all the liquid. If they are still hard, add a little more water. Beat the cottage cheese with the yoghurt and honey, until you get a smooth cream...
Diet PancakeDiet PancakeOat bran is soaked in milk and left for 10 minutes then crushed and mixed into the broth. The cheese and egg are beaten and added to the bran. Bake in a well heated teflon pan, without oil....
Diet CheesecakeDiet Cheesecake
20 Mar.
Dissolve the raising agent in the yoghurt and mix. To it, add the cottage cheese and beat it well with a mixer. While continuously whipping, add the eggs one by one, then the stevia, corn flour and beat the mixture until...