The Soup DietThe Soup Diet
28 Aug.
The good thing about the soup diet is that you can make it with whatever products you prefer....
The Rural DietThe Rural Diet
07 Nov.
An adequate rural diet lasts 3 weeks but if necessary you can reduce its duration to 2 weeks. This diet contains a limited list of products for consumption....
The Pomelo DietThe Pomelo Diet
29 Oct.
The diet with pomelo is quite simple but needs to be followed correctly. It is best to stop consuming high-calorie foods, and not just during the diet, but after it....
Our liver does not tolerate sparkling drinksOur liver does not tolerate sparkling drinks
17 Jan.
In one day, about 2 000 liters of blood pass through the liver and it filters it 350 times. The liver is the main purification system of our body....
The Indian diet and its adviceThe Indian diet and its advice
25 Nov.
In western culture, carbohydrates in a meal are devoid of fiber: like flour used for making bread, pastries and cakes, and even diet products....
Diet PancakesDiet Pancakes
19 Sept.
Grind the oats in a grinder. Beat the eggs and add the oats, salt, yogurt, and after beating well, add the water and mix again. Preheat the frying pan and grease it. Bake pancakes in the usual way, turning them over carefully...
Diet PancakeDiet PancakeOat bran is soaked in milk and left for 10 minutes then crushed and mixed into the broth. The cheese and egg are beaten and added to the bran. Bake in a well heated teflon pan, without oil....
Diet SpaghettiDiet Spaghetti
13 Oct.
Fat Berta
Boil the spaghetti according to package directions. While they're on the stove, you can start making the sauce. Wash the vegetables, clean and chop them. If you would like them very fine, you can even blend them. Heat...
Diet CheesecakeDiet Cheesecake
20 Mar.
Dissolve the raising agent in the yoghurt and mix. To it, add the cottage cheese and beat it well with a mixer. While continuously whipping, add the eggs one by one, then the stevia, corn flour and beat the mixture until...
Diet CakeDiet Cake
24 Jan.
Soak the oats and coconut flakes in hot water until they swell and absorb all the liquid. If they are still hard, add a little more water. Beat the cottage cheese with the yoghurt and honey, until you get a smooth cream...
Veal Liver in the OvenVeal Liver in the Oven
19 July
Wash the liver with cold water and chop it into pieces. In a separate container, mix the finely chopped parsley, garlic, onions, 1 tbsp flour, crumbled bay leaf and the vinegar....
Fruits and Vegetables that Cleanse the LiverFruits and Vegetables that Cleanse the Liver
11 May
By including these foods in our diet we help cleanse our liver and gallbladder, giving us better health and organ function....
Delicious Diet SweetsDelicious Diet Sweets
24 Nov.
Blend the almonds, walnuts and dates until you get a runny mixture. Add the raw cocoa with salt and shape the mixture into small balls. Roll the sweets in coconut shavings and serve....
Diet Semolina BreakfastDiet Semolina Breakfast
04 Dec.
Put the milk to boil, add the cinnamon and butter. Add the semolina and then immediately add the powdered sweetener. Stir until you get a thick mixture, but do not cook too long, to avoid burning. Bon appetit!...
Diet Fitness BreakfastDiet Fitness Breakfast
28 Nov.
Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Beat 3 egg whites with one yolk, add the oats and stir until you get a dough-like mixture. Add raisins if desired. You can substitute them with salt or a sweetener! Keep stirring...