Today is International Popcorn DayToday is International Popcorn Day
19 Jan.
One of the most beloved culinary snacks for the majority of people, popcorn, commemorates its international holiday today. For centuries, the corn temptation has been a favorite for so many nations....
Today is International Coffee DayToday is International Coffee Day
29 Sept.
On September 29th, many places around the world celebrate International Coffee Day. Coffee, also called "Satan's drink", is widely popular in all of the world's nations and undoubtedly, the most addicting warm drink....
Today We Celebrate International Coffee DayToday We Celebrate International Coffee Day
01 Oct.
Today we celebrate an occasion honoring one of the most beloved drinks - coffee. A study held in Great Britain, to commemorate this day, has found that coffee lovers are wealthier and happier than the rest....
Today the World Celebrates International Tea DayToday the World Celebrates International Tea Day
15 Dec.
Today, December 15th, marks International Tea Day all over the world. The celebration of the warm beverage is relatively new, established in 2005 by the World Social Forum....
Today is World Vegan DayToday is World Vegan Day
01 Nov.
Today we celebrate World Vegan Day. Not only do vegans not consume any products of animal origin, they also do not use any such in their day-to-day life....
Today is World Food DayToday is World Food Day
16 Oct.
Every 16th of October is World Food Day. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was also founded on this day. World Food Day was first observed in 1981. Throughout the years, the global community has...
Today We Celebrate National Meatball Day!Today We Celebrate National Meatball Day!
09 Mar.
Today we celebrate Meatball Day. The earliest accounts of our favorite meatballs come from records from Ancient Rome. Over the centuries they've turned into a main food of Italian family home cooking....
Today We Celebrate National Sandwich Day!Today We Celebrate National Sandwich Day!
03 Nov.
However, this spicy vegetable burger, made with a potato meatball, garlic and coconut, quickly turned into everyone's favorite snack. Today it's available in all 5-star hotels....
Say No to Meat! Today is World Vegetarian DaySay No to Meat! Today is World Vegetarian Day
01 Oct.
It was first observed in 1977 under the guidance of the International Vegetarian Union, located in the United Kingdom....
Chicken BurgerChicken Burger
11 Sept.
Using a hamburger patty ring, form burgers. Preheat a grill pan on the stove and roast the burgers....
Indian BurgerIndian Burger
25 Aug.
Fat Berta
Mix well and shape burger patties. Heat oil in a grill pan (or regular pan) and braise the burgers until ready. While they're braising, cut the burger buns in 2, grill them and smear with butter....
Today is National Chocolate Wafer Day! Here`s How to Mark the OccasionToday is National Chocolate Wafer Day! Here`s How to Mark the Occasion
03 July
On July 3, connoisseurs all over are celebrating National Chocolate Wafer Day. This tasty dessert is traditionally made of crunchy layers, riddled with squares. The layers themselves are stuck together with cream and...
Happy Hummus Day!Happy Hummus Day!
13 May
Today, May 13th, we celebrate International Hummus Day. On this day we're supposed eat this delicious appetizer for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hummus Day has been celebrated since the year 2012....
Happy Pancake Day!Happy Pancake Day!
09 Feb.
International Pancake Day is not celebrated on a set date but on Shrove Tuesday, which falls on a different day each year. But the day chosen is not random by any means....
Curious Facts about BurgersCurious Facts about Burgers
08 Sept.
That burger bun with a crunchy outside, fresh lettuce leaf, aromatic cheese and all kinds of other products is now so famous around the world that May 28 has been recognized as International Burger Day for several...