Today We Celebrate National Meatball Day!Today We Celebrate National Meatball Day!
09 Mar.
Today we celebrate Meatball Day. The earliest accounts of our favorite meatballs come from records from Ancient Rome. Over the centuries they've turned into a main food of Italian family home cooking....
Today We Celebrate National Sandwich Day!Today We Celebrate National Sandwich Day!
03 Nov.
On National Sandwich Day, we take a look at some recipes for sandwich preparation. They vary tremendously in the different parts of the planet....
Severe Appetite - Here`s How to Handle itSevere Appetite - Here`s How to Handle it
26 May
Studies have proven that people who took a 15 min. walk were less likely to eat chocolate than those who gave in to their exhaustion and stress. 2....
Chocolate Wafer CakeChocolate Wafer Cake
25 Aug.
Right before it comes to a boil, add the finely crumbled chocolate and oil and start stirring. Once the chocolate begins to melt, remove from the stove and stir until homogeneous....
Chocolate WafersChocolate Wafers
24 Sept.
Let the mixture for the wafers rest for 20 minutes. Then, with a special wafer machine, bake the chocolate wafers....
Bacon-Flavored Chocolate and the Strangest Chocolates Ever MadeBacon-Flavored Chocolate and the Strangest Chocolates Ever Made
12 Oct.
Chocolate for weight loss Every woman's dream - to eat chocolate without worrying about her shape, is now reality....
Today the World Celebrates International Tea DayToday the World Celebrates International Tea Day
15 Dec.
Today, December 15th, marks International Tea Day all over the world. The celebration of the warm beverage is relatively new, established in 2005 by the World Social Forum....
Today is World Vegan DayToday is World Vegan Day
01 Nov.
The founder of the holiday is the Vegan Society, which marked its 50th anniversary at the time....
Today is International Popcorn DayToday is International Popcorn Day
19 Jan.
One of the most beloved culinary snacks for the majority of people, popcorn, commemorates its international holiday today. For centuries, the corn temptation has been a favorite for so many nations....
Today is World Food DayToday is World Food Day
16 Oct.
Poor quality food is responsible for the deaths of many young people inhabiting developing nations....
Today is International Coffee DayToday is International Coffee Day
29 Sept.
Coffee, also called "Satan's drink", is widely popular in all of the world's nations and undoubtedly, the most addicting warm drink. But how did it originate?...
Today is International Burger DayToday is International Burger Day
28 May
May 28th is International Burger Day, with burgers being the favorite food of Americans and also widely popular all over the world. The popular hamburger was prepared for the first time in the German city of Hamburg,...
Valentine`s Day CakeValentine`s Day Cake
16 Feb.
Pour it over the cake and arrange honey spice biscuits and wafer rolls on top. Leave it overnight so that the layers can soften....
Chocolate Cake with WafersChocolate Cake with Wafers
15 Oct.
Sprinkle it with grated wafers and place it in the refrigerator for several hours before serving....
Today We Celebrate International Coffee DayToday We Celebrate International Coffee Day
01 Oct.
Today we celebrate an occasion honoring one of the most beloved drinks - coffee. A study held in Great Britain, to commemorate this day, has found that coffee lovers are wealthier and happier than the rest....