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Top 5 Sauces with Which to Replace MayonnaiseTop 5 Sauces with Which to Replace Mayonnaise
05 Aug.
You can easily make it with yoghurt, a cucumber, garlic, olive oil, vinegar and salt....
Sandwiches To GoSandwiches To Go
05 Oct.
Fat Berta
Leave the butter to soften and smear each of the bread slices with it. Cut the cucumber and lard salami into round slices. Cut the cheese into slices....
Foods with Which to Fight Winter DepressionFoods with Which to Fight Winter Depression
04 Nov.
They contain high amounts of magnesium and nutrients, which can affect the production of neurochemicals, in turn influencing mood. When combined with cinnamon, almonds have a low glycemic index....
Don't Mix Foods if you Want to Live Long!Don't Mix Foods if you Want to Live Long!
25 July
Our salvation lies in stopping or limiting white flour, white sugar and animal foods....
Which Dishes to Add Cumin toWhich Dishes to Add Cumin to
16 Oct.
In Latin American cuisine, they add chili, cinnamon, oregano, asafoetida to it, while in Mexican cuisine - they add it to chili sauce, spicy cayenne pepper, powdered chili and so on....
Which Dishes to Add Savory toWhich Dishes to Add Savory to
25 Sept.
Savory is used to season all sorts of dishes with meat and stews....
The Chicken You`ll Fall in Love WithThe Chicken You`ll Fall in Love With
19 Oct.
Cover with aluminum foil. Bake in a preheated {200 °C} oven for 1 hour. Take the oven dish out, remove the foil, return to the oven to brown. Serve with a glass of beer and salad. Bon appetit!...
Easy-to-Make Strawberry JamEasy-to-Make Strawberry Jam
27 June
Close immediately and flip with their caps down....
Nutmeg - which dishes to add it toNutmeg - which dishes to add it to
07 Jan.
If you want to add it to savory dishes, most are suitable for the occasion - dishes that contain rice, those with minced meat, vegetable soups, white and tomato sauces, meat broths, etc....
Listen to Your Taste Buds to be HealthyListen to Your Taste Buds to be Healthy
03 Oct.
By desiring to taste this and that, our body self regulates, which is a sign of good mood and health....
Don't Quit Eating Bread if you Wish to be Healthy!Don't Quit Eating Bread if you Wish to be Healthy!
09 Oct.
What's more, whole grain foods have a proven benefit for people with coronary heart disease, for maintaining optimal body weight, as well as for improving brain functions....
The Type of Muffin you are According to your Zodiac SignThe Type of Muffin you are According to your Zodiac Sign
15 Sept.
If you truly want to put a spell on someone with a muffin, first find out which one best matches their zodiac sign, and most importantly, their character....
Foods Harmful to the LiverFoods Harmful to the LiverIn general, it greatly impairs the normal functioning of the liver and bile. • White foods and spices - white rice, white sugar, salt. Try replacing white rice with brown and white sugar with brown....
Healing Foods According to Peter DeunovHealing Foods According to Peter Deunov
31 Aug.
The founder of the religious-philosophical movement pointed to several main foods, the consumption of which has a beneficial effect for various unpleasant health conditions. And here's the list: 1....
Healthy and Tasty Sandwiches with Which to Change Up your MenuHealthy and Tasty Sandwiches with Which to Change Up your Menu
06 Jan.
A simple snack that'll give you energy and nutrients, while also not hurting your figure. 3....
How long to grill which meatHow long to grill which meat
08 Jan.
For a more delicious meat dish, you can pre-marinate it with a seasoning or a marinade with vinegar. Before stewing, the meat must be salted and floured, then lightly fried on all sides....
Hippocrates Considered Salvia to be HolyHippocrates Considered Salvia to be Holy
27 Mar.
Salvia tea has a beneficial effect for diseased liver and gas....
Homemade Cake Like Grandma Used to MakeHomemade Cake Like Grandma Used to MakeLightly syrup the cake layers with compote juice and pour them with the cream. On top of the homemade cake, finish it off with cream and sprinkle it with walnuts....
What to Season with CardamomWhat to Season with Cardamom
11 Dec.
There are no known health risks associated with using cardamom, unless you are allergic to it. In that case, be careful....
What to Combine Pumpkin withWhat to Combine Pumpkin with
19 May
In Italy, for example, they combine it with pasta and a variety of cheeses. In France, pumpkin prepares various savory cakes and China uses its leaves, which are used for soup....
What to combine corn with?What to combine corn with?
10 May
A yellow will complement the palette of green and red peppers, mushrooms (which produce brown), red tomatoes, orange carrots, black olives and more....
What to Cook with PotatoesWhat to Cook with Potatoes
04 May
Grease the with butter and arrange the potato layers, each is layer sprinkled with nutmeg, salt and pepper....
Eat Seaweed Every Day to be Healthy!Eat Seaweed Every Day to be Healthy!
26 Nov.
According to the scientists, food manufacturers need to come up with ways to make seaweed a common ingredient in the foods we eat every day....
The Secret to Juicy Steaks in the OvenThe Secret to Juicy Steaks in the Oven
12 July
Cover the tray with aluminum foil and put it in the oven, if possible on the middle element. Turn the upper and lower elements up to {250 °C} - with the fan off....
How to Cook with Wheat GlutenHow to Cook with Wheat Gluten
19 Jan.
Wheat gluten can be used to make grilled vegetable skewers, or bake them in the oven with potatoes or fry it in a pan on its own, sprinkled with powdered garlic....