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Dishes We Can Make with White MeatDishes We Can Make with White Meat
10 July
Let us offer you a delicious and easy recipe - the only condition is for the steaks that you're going to use to be left to season in the spices for one day....
How to Season Dishes with NasturtiumHow to Season Dishes with Nasturtium
21 Aug.
The young leaves are used to season salads. They provide them with a refined taste and pleasant flavor....
What to Season with CardamomWhat to Season with Cardamom
11 Dec.
There are no known health risks associated with using cardamom, unless you are allergic to it. In that case, be careful....
What can we Replace Ricotta with?What can we Replace Ricotta with?Tofu, which is a product made by fermenting soy milk, can replace ricotta for vegan dishes and people with dairy intolerance....
Can We Substitute Table Salt with Sea Salt?Can We Substitute Table Salt with Sea Salt?
23 Oct.
Table salt can also be replaced with sea salt in regard to the sodium concentration. It is about the same in both types. Still, sea salt is better because its crystals are much larger....
What Foods and Dishes to Serve with Pinot NoirWhat Foods and Dishes to Serve with Pinot Noir
27 Jan.
Pinot Noir is equally well matched for roasted meat, stews and for dishes with meat and vegetables....
28 Nov.
Sprinkle the salad with crumbled cheese, because samardala successfully complements their taste. Samardala gives an interesting taste to green salad or dishes with spinach, rhubarb, nettles....
Appetizing Dishes with BeefAppetizing Dishes with Beef
04 Feb.
Our last proposal is for beef with eggplants. In order for the dish to turn out delicious, it must be made in an earthen container....
Russian Dishes with BeetrootsRussian Dishes with Beetroots
14 Jan.
Once it's ready, add the sauteed vegetables to it, as well as the garlic rubbed with the salo and season everything with salt and black pepper. Let it simmer on low heat about 10 min....
Delicious Meatless Dishes with LeeksDelicious Meatless Dishes with Leeks
25 Mar.
Pour the resulting mixture into an appropriate oven dish, pour in 3 cups of water and put it in an oven preheated to {180° C}. The dish is ready once the rice has absorbed the water and has swollen....
Healthy and Delicious Dishes with GritsHealthy and Delicious Dishes with Grits
30 Oct.
If you want to cook healthy, you can safely look to recipes with grits. In case you want to cook 2 servings of a main dish, you need about 1 cup of grits. As with rice, grits should be rinsed well....
Easy and Delicious Dishes with Oyster MushroomsEasy and Delicious Dishes with Oyster Mushrooms
04 Oct.
Make a mixture of corn flour, baking powder, flour and tapioca flour, seasoned with salt and pepper to taste. Place ice cubes in the flour mixture and stir with a little cold water....
What Salad Can Be Serve with Pasta?What Salad Can Be Serve with Pasta?Roasted beetroot salad with orange vinaigrette A salad with oranges, spinach and beetroot sprinkled with white cheese, may sound like a slightly unusual combination, but this dish is a delicious side dish with which you...
Baked Potatoes with Butter and SamardalaBaked Potatoes with Butter and Samardala
11 Jan.
Place in a baking dish, and sprinkle them with samardala, while stirring. Add a cup of water and spread the butter over the potatoes. Bake in a heated {200 °C} oven until ready....
What to Combine Pumpkin withWhat to Combine Pumpkin with
19 May
If you decide to try a meat dish with pumpkin better bet on pork. We have heard of successful experiments with chicken and rabbit too....
What to combine corn with?What to combine corn with?
10 May
You can add it to any salads and main dishes, even for baked dishes - with or without meat. Since it satiates quickly, you do not need to add much to the particular dish....
What combines well with broccoliWhat combines well with broccoli
07 May
Otherwise you might make a dish with lots of flavors and you may not appeal much. Great combination is also cheese with broccoli - whatever cheese you use, you're urged to use this vegetable....
What to Cook with PotatoesWhat to Cook with Potatoes
04 May
Grease the with butter and arrange the potato layers, each is layer sprinkled with nutmeg, salt and pepper....
What Goes Well with Fish?What Goes Well with Fish?
01 May
Mix lemon juice and oil in a bowl and brush each fish with it, including inside. Arrange it in a pan and sprinkle it with pepper and thyme - do not overdo it with the thyme, lest the fish becomes bitter....
Ceylon Cinnamon - What We Need to KnowCeylon Cinnamon - What We Need to KnowWhat does Ceylon cinnamon look like? The lower-grade cinnamon sticks are not as fragile and light as Ceylon's, but hard and darker in color....
Cherry Tomatoes - What We Need to KnowCherry Tomatoes - What We Need to KnowCherry tomatoes can serve not only as a tasty ingredient in salads, but also with their help you can decorate various dishes....
Prosecco - What Do We Need to Know?Prosecco - What Do We Need to Know?In the same way that we associate sangria with warm and sunny Spain, we can do the same with its neighbor Italy and its traditional sparkling wine, known to us as Prosecco....
Keto Diet - What We Need to KnowKeto Diet - What We Need to KnowAll this raises the curiosity of what exactly is a keto diet; what the benefits are but also the harms; how did this idea originate and for what purpose?...
What is Sorghum, and What to Cook with itWhat is Sorghum, and What to Cook with it
01 May
Season with salt and pepper and use to garnish instead of rice. Sorghum porridge Combine 1 cup of sorghum flour and 1/2 cup water in a bowl....
Eight Gifts of Nature We Can Grow in our KitchenEight Gifts of Nature We Can Grow in our Kitchen
18 May
Once its leaves are cut at the base, new ones grow within several days. They're suitable for all sorts of salads, dishes and decoration. Arugula - A leafy green vegetable with unique nutritional properties....