What Does the Perfect Lunch EntailWhat Does the Perfect Lunch Entail
05 July
It is good to eat fresh salad and combine meat or fish for lunch. Do not combine roasted meat with fried potatoes if you want to be able-bodied and energetic....
How Much Protein Does Chicken Meat Contain?How Much Protein Does Chicken Meat Contain?
17 Mar.
But in general, how much protein does chicken meat contain? The most dietary part of the chicken is the chicken breasts, with every 3.5 oz (100 g) of chicken breasts with the skin containing 19 g of protein....
Gum Does Lead to Weight LossGum Does Lead to Weight Loss
16 Apr.
How exactly does gum help weight loss?...
Buffalo MeatBuffalo Meat
21 Mar.
When you buy buffalo meat and cannot cook all of it right away, keep any extra meat in the freezer to keep it fresh. Cooking Buffalo Meat Buffalo meat can be heat treated without any problems....
Goose MeatGoose Meat
20 Feb.
You can choose meat from a supermarket chain but it is advised to get it directly from the manufacturer because that way the quality of the product is guaranteed. The age of the meat is what matters most....
Turkey MeatTurkey Meat
07 Aug.
As an icon of America and freedom, the popularity of this bird does not end there - the first meal of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on the moon, was precisely roasted turkey....
Phyllo Pastry That Doesn`t DeflatePhyllo Pastry That Doesn`t Deflate
12 Oct.
Put the baking soda and baking powder in the yoghurt to bubble, then mix this with the eggs, oil and flour. Stir to a homogeneous mixture without any lumps. Separately, crumble the feta cheese. Take 1 phyllo pastry sheet...
Our liver does not tolerate sparkling drinksOur liver does not tolerate sparkling drinks
17 Jan.
That does not mean that this important organ does not require special attention. So what does our liver? First is extended overeating. Especially if accompanied by constant sitting behind the table....
13 Sept.
Cut the lemons into quarters, remove the seeds and rinse the raisins thoroughly with water. In a deep pot, pour in the lemons, raisins and honey. Separately, bring the water to a boil, leave it aside and when it cools slightly...
Homemade Smoked MeatHomemade Smoked Meat
15 May
Can smoke meat un an oven, but you have to turn it 60 degrees and smoke the meat, place on grill to smoke it evenly on all sides. It is best to leave the meat in the oven no less than ten hours....
What is Jamun?What is Jamun?
30 May
Jamun, or the Java plum, is an evergreen tropical tree, belonging to the Myrtaceae family. It is native to India, where it's used to make many desserts and delicacies. After all, Indian cuisine is famous for its use...
What is umami?What is umami?
26 Nov.
What causes this to happen? After storage, or some kind of heat treatment, a decreased palatability is found on the product....
How Long Does the Dough Need to Rise?How Long Does the Dough Need to Rise?The time you will need for the dough to rise depends on what you have decided to prepare. 4. It cannot be determined in hours or minutes - depends on the recipe you choose. 5....
How Does the Weather Affect our Eating Habits?How Does the Weather Affect our Eating Habits?
22 Jan.
Our menu often includes fatty cheeses, meat dishes with spices, plenty of dough products, hot stews and soups....
What is Surimi and What is it Used for?What is Surimi and What is it Used for?
04 Dec.
Translated from Japanese, surimi means clean and ground fish. Surimi was made for the first time in Japan about 1000 years ago....