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How to clean Teflon dishesHow to clean Teflon dishes
10 Jan.
It is clear that when cooking in a Teflon dish, you should only use wooden utensils - all others are strictly forbidden....
Which Dishes to Add Cumin toWhich Dishes to Add Cumin to
16 Oct.
This traditional spice is widely used in the favorite dishes of the Balkan countries. Most frequently it is added to the local dishes and kebab and meatballs....
Which Dishes to Add Savory toWhich Dishes to Add Savory to
25 Sept.
In the 1st century BC, the ancient Roman poet Virgil looked after plantations of savory, claiming that the honey of the bees he owned ended up much more flavorful....
How to Use Capers in DishesHow to Use Capers in Dishes
27 Nov.
The taste of marinated capers is much more perceptible in the smaller ones. Because of this, they cost more. Those that are more than 1/2″ (1 cm) in diameter possess a way too sharp taste....
How to Season Dishes with NasturtiumHow to Season Dishes with Nasturtium
21 Aug.
When it reacts with the enzyme myrosin, it releases an essential oil, similar to mustard oil. Nasturtium is mainly used in the cuisine of the peoples of Central Europe and the Caucasus....
Nutmeg - which dishes to add it toNutmeg - which dishes to add it to
07 Jan.
When fresh, the fruit is fleshy. Once ripe, the inside splits, just like hazelnut. The plant can be seen in India, Brazil, and in Indonesia. It’s used a lot in cooking sweet and savory dishes....
How to Cook WheatHow to Cook Wheat
08 Jan.
Wheat grains are widespread all over the globe....
Why and How to Soak Chia?Why and How to Soak Chia?According to nutritionists, the same phenomenon, as chia seeds turning into jelly, occurs in our stomach when we eat food containing such fibers....
How to Make Nectar and SyrupHow to Make Nectar and Syrup
14 Feb.
We can prepare them to our taste - with as much sugar as we want, thicker or runnier. Plus, they wouldn't contain artificial colors or preservatives....
How to Combine Spices and ProductsHow to Combine Spices and Products
07 May
Chilies can be used, when preparing vegetable dishes - rice, potato puree and bean dishes....
How to Clean and Roast Hazelnuts?How to Clean and Roast Hazelnuts?
01 May
Now we know these nuts are so delicious and have a specific taste, but are quite expensive when ready- made. You can prepare them at home....
Salvia and how to use itSalvia and how to use it
24 Jan.
When roasting chicken or fish in a baking sheet, place fresh sage inside the food to absorb the flavor of this wonderful herb....
When is it proper to add saltWhen is it proper to add salt
07 Jan.
Having said that about how much salt is placed in a dish, you should know exactly when to put it in- at the beginning of the cooking process, or at the end....
How much salt do we need to be healthy?How much salt do we need to be healthy?
03 Jan.
When you sweat, you lose not only salt water, but amino acids, vitamins, minerals, calcium, potassium and chlorine....
How to Cook with Wheat GlutenHow to Cook with Wheat Gluten
19 Jan.
Serve the dish sprinkled with chopped coriander. Individuals who are gluten intolerant must not use wheat gluten under any circumstances....
How to Clean Spinach, Dock and SorrelHow to Clean Spinach, Dock and SorrelHowever, to clarify, everything that is added to the dish as products, except dry spices and fat, must be washed beforehand and cleaned. Even the meat, when added to a dish, is well washed beforehand....
How to Make Boiled and Steamed DoughHow to Make Boiled and Steamed DoughThe most noticeable thing about boiled dough is its volume, which it aquires when it goes through heat treatment....
How to Dry Parsley, Dill and OreganoHow to Dry Parsley, Dill and OreganoImagine how your dishes will taste this winter if you have your own spices from your own garden to add to them....
How To Break and Eat A Coconut?How To Break and Eat A Coconut?If it was harvested when ripe, its edible part will be soft and easy to chew. You can grate the coconut and use the shavings to prepare dishes and desserts....
How To Properly Wash Fruits and VegetablesHow To Properly Wash Fruits and VegetablesThey are often in a polluted environment and when they're placed on the market, they are exposed to other bacteria from the stands themselves or from the buyers....
How to Prepare Dried and Marinated PearsHow to Prepare Dried and Marinated Pears
15 Oct.
Since we are in the season of preserving products for the winter, here are 2 recipes for making dried and marinated pears. Dried Pears Wash the fruits, slice them thinly, remove all of the seeds. Put them in...
How to Safeguard Black Pepper and PaprikaHow to Safeguard Black Pepper and Paprika
29 Nov.
When in the form of peppercorns, black pepper is able to keep its flavor for a much longer period of time. You can use it in many dishes....
How to Make Candied Lemons and OrangesHow to Make Candied Lemons and Oranges
19 Sept.
When dry, roll them in crystalline fructose....
How to Make Homemade Sausage and SalamiHow to Make Homemade Sausage and Salami
19 Sept.
It is key to have equal amounts of cumin and pepper, so as not to have one mask the other's flavor when eating. Place a 4/5 tsp (4 g) per 2.2 lb (1 kg) of meat....
How to Store Sausages and Other AppetizersHow to Store Sausages and Other Appetizers
30 Apr.
The dried meat dishes are to be kept in a room with a minimum amount of moisture....