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What are the Hottest Spices in the World?What are the Hottest Spices in the World?
10 June
In case you didn't know, it was in 1912 that pharmacist Wilbur Scoville who came up with the Scoville scale, which is used to measure the level of spiciness....
The Healthiest Dishes from Around the WorldThe Healthiest Dishes from Around the World
04 Nov.
This is not only a quick but also an easy method of cooking food products, all the while making the nutrients easier for absorption....
Which are the Dessert Wines?Which are the Dessert Wines?
20 Mar.
Much like other wines, dessert wines are also divided into white and red. A variation of grape dessert wines are vermouths. The name comes from the German word for the wormwood herb (Wermut)....
These are the Three Healthiest SpicesThese are the Three Healthiest SpicesPepper Black pepper is rich in the ingredient piperine, which helps the body absorb nutrients from the products we consume. Only a pinch of black pepper is needed to have a healthy liver....
Which are the Most Addicting Foods?Which are the Most Addicting Foods?
18 May
Dietitians explain that addiction to food products is a very serious condition, which must not be underestimated....
Beware! The Smelliest Foods in the WorldBeware! The Smelliest Foods in the World
23 Sept.
The aroma of food is that which stimulates our appetite. The culinary traditions of each and every country in the world offer our senses different and sometimes exotic aromas and therefore - tastes....
The Healthiest CerealsThe Healthiest Cereals
13 Aug.
In addition, quinoa requires continuous heat treatment like most cereals, which is why people prefer it to rice....
Which are the Most Vitamin Rich Soups?Which are the Most Vitamin Rich Soups?
12 Oct.
Here are the 5 healthiest and vitamin rich soups according to experts: 1....
The 10 Most Expensive Foods in the WorldThe 10 Most Expensive Foods in the World
12 Feb.
This dish is served in only 5 restaurants around the world. 3....
The Best Whiskey in the World is JapaneseThe Best Whiskey in the World is Japanese
17 Nov.
The Japanese whiskey Yamazaki has been declared as the best in the world, writes the Daily Mail....
Delicious Crumbed Cuisine in the OvenDelicious Crumbed Cuisine in the Oven
08 Nov.
In recent years, many people have begun to avoid it, since almost all foods that we fry can achieve an even better and healthier appearance when cooked in the oven....
Tajine - The Magician in Arab CuisineTajine - The Magician in Arab Cuisine
06 Nov.
It is widely used in Moroccan cuisine. Cooked meals in tajine are slowly boiled because of the low temperature, which is maintained in the dish. It it, you can cook savory meat, chicken, vegetables or fish....
The Top 5 Most Influential Chefs in the WorldThe Top 5 Most Influential Chefs in the World
14 July
He discovered his love of cooking while on vacation with his family in France. He was admitted into The Culinary Institute of America. Bourdain worked in different restaurants over the years....
The Five Healthiest SpicesThe Five Healthiest SpicesThere are five herbs, that are the healthiest and here are a few more details about the benefits of each. Turmeric This golden spice benefits from a powerful antioxidant called curcumin....
The Healthiest Winter FoodsThe Healthiest Winter Foods
19 Jan.
Which is why today we've decided to offer you a list of several foods, thanks to which you can boost your body's immune system defenses. 1....
The 10 Healthiest BreakfastsThe 10 Healthiest Breakfasts
26 Mar.
Finally, scientists from various countries around the world combined their opinions and made a list of the 10 healthiest food combinations for breakfast: 1. Oatmeal with blueberries and almonds....
The 5 Healthiest JuicesThe 5 Healthiest Juices
11 Mar.
Instead of soft drinks, it is so much healthier to consume juice. Orange juice, especially fresh squeezed, contains twice the recommended daily amount of vitamin C in a single cup....
Which Foods are the Richest Sources of SeleniumWhich Foods are the Richest Sources of SeleniumOne nut can provide up to 75 micrograms of selenium per day, which almost covers the required daily dose for an adult....
The Tastiest Mackerel in the OvenThe Tastiest Mackerel in the Oven
30 Aug.
A bottle of white wine is also ideal for this type of dish! Bon appetit and cheers!...
The Worst Possible Blunders in the KitchenThe Worst Possible Blunders in the Kitchen
11 Sept.
However, most working people are in a rush when they cook, which often leads to them making great blunders....
The Most Popular and Healthy Beverages in the Arab WorldThe Most Popular and Healthy Beverages in the Arab World
12 Mar.
Here's a few interesting tidbits worth knowing about the beverages from the Arab world: 1. Arabic coffee, known as Al-Qahwa, is traditionally offered to any guest....
The Typical School Lunch in 10 Countries Around the WorldThe Typical School Lunch in 10 Countries Around the World
25 Sept.
Spain - lunch for students in the nation consists of shrimp with rice, gazpacho, bread and fruit salad. 8....
Which foods are rich in iron?Which foods are rich in iron?
21 Feb.
Thus, the so-called trace elements (which are about 60 in number, including iron, copper, zinc, selenium, nickel, etc.) are absorbed properly by the body....
Oddities in Dining Etiquette Around the WorldOddities in Dining Etiquette Around the World
23 Sept.
Most of us have probably been chewed out at one time or another for having the imprudence of belching loudly at the dining table (punishment may have been even worse if this was done while in the presence of important guests...
Which are the Root Vegetables?Which are the Root Vegetables?Root vegetables are vegetables from which their underground part or root part are used. Root vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers....