Pumpkin seedsPumpkin seeds
22 Dec.
Zinc contained in pumpkin seeds is particularly good for men in old age....
Which Foods are Good for Gout?Which Foods are Good for Gout?
07 Dec.
Figs are not recommended if suffering from gout, but apples, pears, apricots, oranges and all kinds of seeds and nuts are good for this condition....
Which fats are good and for whatWhich fats are good and for what
20 Jan.
Some foods with healthy fats are fish and fish products, virgin olive oil, sesame, pumpkin, walnut butter, and any oil from seeds and nuts....
Foods That are Good for your Mental HealthFoods That are Good for your Mental Health
26 July
It'll be both delicious and good for your mental well-being. Figs are another healthy fruit....
Why are Lentils Healthy?Why are Lentils Healthy?
27 Nov.
Legumes have long been known for their benefits to human health. They can be used in salads, main courses, salty crackers and other foods. They are rich in nutrients and low in calories. What's better than that...
Why are Americans Fat?Why are Americans Fat?
19 Nov.
Statistical data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that in less than 2 decades, 32 million Americans will be overweight. This number includes not only adults but children and adolescents as well....
Spices for Good HealthSpices for Good Health
10 Jan.
Rosemary is also good for your health. It is believed that it stops the genetic mutations that lead to cancer and also prevents damage to your blood vessels, decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease....
Why is the Pumpkin the Primary Symbol of Halloween?Why is the Pumpkin the Primary Symbol of Halloween?
31 Oct.
To chase away any malevolent spirits, the Celtics would put on leather hides from animals they had killed and use carved out pumpkins to light their way....
Thickeners and Stabilizers are the Basis for Perfect Baked GoodsThickeners and Stabilizers are the Basis for Perfect Baked Goods
25 Nov.
Stabilizers contain protein and thanks to them, baked goods retain their shape after being removed from the oven. This category includes flour, eggs and starch....
22 Dec.
Moreover, the seeds are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, copper and phosphorus. 100 g of pumpkin seeds contains 46.1% of our daily supply of magnesium....
Why Should you Eat Liver Regularly?Why Should you Eat Liver Regularly?
17 May
The liver of mammals, domesticated chickens and ducks and certain species of fish is eaten as food. Beef, lamb, veal, chicken and duck liver is commonly used as a food source. In some countries they also consume...
Why you should avoid salty foodsWhy you should avoid salty foods
14 Jan.
For a healthy person, it is also not good to overdo it with salty foods. A person often consumes salt in excess of their recommended daily rate, which slows the metabolism and causes weight gain....
Salad with Herbs and Pumpkin SeedsSalad with Herbs and Pumpkin SeedsPour the resulting vinaigrette on the salad, sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and serve....
Baked Pumpkin for DiabeticsBaked Pumpkin for DiabeticsServe the baked pumpkin for diabetics chilled, like all sweet things....
Why Sprouted Garlic and Potatoes are UnhealthyWhy Sprouted Garlic and Potatoes are Unhealthy
04 Nov.
If the potatoes in you've stored at home have sprouted, it is best to throw them out. Sprouted potatoes can cause severe reactions, dangerous to health. Potatoes that have been left stored exposed to light not only...