Chicken of the WoodsChicken of the Woods
02 Feb.
However, chicken of the woods can endure even if not kept in the fridge for more than a day. Cooking Chicken of the Woods Chicken of the woods finds wide application in the kitchen....
Key Tips for Maintaining Wooden UtensilsKey Tips for Maintaining Wooden Utensils
05 May
One of the main instruments in our kitchen is the wooden spatula....
Wash your Pots with MustardWash your Pots with Mustard
20 Mar.
Usually food is prepared by using a wooden cutting board or directly atop the kitchen table or counter. If using a wooden cutting board, use one made with unpainted wood, with a smooth surface....
27 Aug.
In some countries, acacia wood is a common material used to make wood grain tiles and cellulose ceiling tiles....
Salting of FishSalting of Fish
12 May
On the fish put a piece of wood and cap with some weight. Gravity prevents the formation of air layers which contribute to the development of harmful bacteria....
19 Mar.
The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of ripe pieces of wood - about 60 years old. As you get more wood, the more oil content you get, and it is rich in flavors....
How to Store Sausages and Other AppetizersHow to Store Sausages and Other Appetizers
30 Apr.
Dried starters may be stored for some time in a wooden box, which is filled with ashes from burnt wood....
26 June
The acorns and wood are used. Once the cupules of the acorns ripen fully, they split open....
14 Jan.
Put it in a wooden keg and sprinkle it with salt. Place a clean stone on top to keep it down. Leave in a cool place to dry for the winter. When spring comes, put it amidst wood ashes....
Healing properties of jujubeHealing properties of jujube
26 Nov.
Jujube is defined as "iron wood" because the wood is very hard. The root system is very powerful - roots can reach 3 meters depth and a width of up to 7 meters in diameter....
Apple cider vinegar is considered a panaceaApple cider vinegar is considered a panacea
12 Jan.
Pour in a wood, glass or clay pot with a wide neck and keep in a dark warm place for 10 days. Twice daily, mix the porridge with a wooden spoon....
25 Mar.
A few centuries later, people began storing brandy and transporting it in wooden barrels....
Simple Roast Peppers for the WinterSimple Roast Peppers for the Winter
13 Sept.
Remove the seeds from the washed peppers and roast on a grill, metal sheet or wood-burning stove. Peel them and put them in a large tray. Salt them well and arrange in small, washed jars....
Eating Pizza Reveals What Kind of Person you areEating Pizza Reveals What Kind of Person you are
14 June
According to Wood, every human action, even eating a slice of pizza, exposes the nature of the person carrying it out....
Chicken Meat in Jars for the WinterChicken Meat in Jars for the Winter
02 Oct.
In a large pot, heat the oil at the wood fire pit, pour the meat into the pot in 3-4 lots and braise on all sides....