Specialties from Polish CuisineSpecialties from Polish Cuisine
19 Dec.
When it comes to desserts, Polish cuisine takes pride in its stuffed rolls with poppy seeds or dried fruits and nuts and "mazurek" - a layered dessert, as well as "sernik" (similar to cheesecake), which is made...
Irresistible Desserts from Arab CuisineIrresistible Desserts from Arab Cuisine
12 May
Arab cuisine hides many famous but not so widespread sweet temptations that can truly make our life sweeter and more delightful. Here's how to prepare 2 of the most well-known desserts from Arab cuisine....
Polish Pancake DessertPolish Pancake Dessert
19 Aug.
Bake the dessert for 7 min. at {200 °C}. Beat the egg whites and the rest of the sugar into snow, distribute them on top of the pancakes and bake another 4 min....
Flatbread from Greek CuisineFlatbread from Greek Cuisine
23 Mar.
Everyone loves flatbread. There are literally hundreds of different recipes that never get old and most importantly, this bakery good is exceptionally delicious. This is because bread is revered in the Balkans. While...
Specialties from Portuguese CuisineSpecialties from Portuguese Cuisine
24 Apr.
Its modern day cuisine was formed, on one hand, by invaders, i.e. the Romans and Arabs and on the other - by exotic spices brought back from journeys made to the New World....
Specialties from Hungarian CuisineSpecialties from Hungarian Cuisine
28 Jan.
Meat, thick sauces and a spicy taste dominate Hungarian cuisine - uncharacteristic of neighboring and European peoples....
Popular Specialties from Israeli CuisinePopular Specialties from Israeli Cuisine
06 Jan.
There are even black Jews from Ethiopia, as well as 20% Arabs. Due to this melting pot, it is quite unsuitable to use the term "Israeli cuisine". Here you will find the cuisine of the entire world in one spot....
The Tastiest Appetizers from Greek CuisineThe Tastiest Appetizers from Greek Cuisine
06 June
Realistically speaking, Greek cuisine has had thousands of years to flourish and become what it is that we know today. All of these factors have made Greek cuisine insanely popular and loved all over the world....
Popular Dishes from Tex-Mex CuisinePopular Dishes from Tex-Mex Cuisine
03 July
But the fact is that term originated from the railroad built between the States and Mexico and additionally, Mexican products and spices definitely prevail in Tex-Mex cuisine....
Swedish Cuisine from A to ZSwedish Cuisine from A to Z
05 May
Some recipes from Swedish cuisine: Swedish meatballs with sauce, Swedish liver pâté, terrine with smoked salmon, Swedish salad with potatoes, Swedish chocolate pudding, caramelized onions, Swedish-style turkey...
Spanish Cuisine from A to ZSpanish Cuisine from A to Z
06 Apr.
Here are some of the characteristic products used in Spanish cuisine: Vegetables: They are among the favorite products of the Spanish and are put into absolutely everything, even in desserts....
Exquisite Hors D'oeuvres from French CuisineExquisite Hors D'oeuvres from French Cuisine
03 Feb.
Literally it means "apart from the main work" but when it comes to cuisine, it means the food that is served before the main course....
The Tastiest Classical Recipes from Catalan CuisineThe Tastiest Classical Recipes from Catalan Cuisine
23 Nov.
Olive oil is crucial to all of Catalan cuisine, with virgin olive oil from a small farm being the best choice. Appetizers are simple, modest, but infinitely aromatic and delicious....
Meatballs for Every Taste from World CuisineMeatballs for Every Taste from World Cuisine
15 Oct.
Curiously, every country has its own spin on the recipes for cooking and for serving them, so let's become a little more familiar with some variations on meatballs from world cuisine: French Meatballs Ingredients:...
Light Summer Recipe Ideas from French CuisineLight Summer Recipe Ideas from French Cuisine
07 Aug.
Throughout summer, French cuisine offers a wide abundance of salads and desserts....