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Unconventional Meatball RecipesUnconventional Meatball Recipes
04 Feb.
The next recipe is meant for preparation in clay pots....
Economical Winter RecipesEconomical Winter Recipes
18 Dec.
Turnip salad is an economical recipe suitable for cold days....
Three Nonstandard Puree RecipesThree Nonstandard Puree Recipes
12 Dec.
So here are 3 a bit more nonstandard recipes for purees....
Three Delicious Borscht RecipesThree Delicious Borscht Recipes
16 Oct.
Borscht with Yoghurt This borscht is prepared just like the previous recipe but once it's ready, add yoghurt to it instead of sour cream....
Irresistible Recipes for SaganakiIrresistible Recipes for Saganaki
09 July
There is one main recipe for preparation but there are 3 options for the end - all of them with an indescribable and unique taste....
Exquisite Recipes with LobsterExquisite Recipes with Lobster
01 June
If you want to pleasantly surprise your guests, serve them some exquisite lobster dishes. Lobster meat is delicious, soft and dietetic. Lobster in tomato-cognac sauce is a true high class dish. You will need 1 lobster...
Nonstandard Recipes for HummusNonstandard Recipes for Hummus
14 May
A nonstandard recipe sure to impress every fan of this appetizer is walnut-lemon hummus....
Five Grill Pan RecipesFive Grill Pan Recipes
21 Apr.
Here are 5 recipes for making delicious vegetables, chicken steaks, pork chops, fish fillet and veal meatballs on a grill pan: 1....
Iceberg Lettuce Salad RecipesIceberg Lettuce Salad Recipes
06 Nov.
The next iceberg lettuce recipe is for a fruit salad....
Delicious Recipes with ProsciuttoDelicious Recipes with Prosciutto
17 Sept.
The Italian culinary temptation, known as prosciutto, is usually added to salads and sandwiches. Prosciutto rolls with fresh feta cheese are delicious and easy to make. You will need 10 transparently thin slices...
Delicious Recipes with OctopusDelicious Recipes with Octopus
18 Aug.
With octopus you can prepare numerous tasty hors d'oeuvres and dishes, with which to pleasantly surprise and spoil your loved ones. A salad with octopus and mango is fresh and scrumptious, plus it's quite easy...
Delicious Recipes with GorgonzolaDelicious Recipes with Gorgonzola
25 Apr.
We have chosen 3 recipes with Gorgonzola - a salad, delicious bruschetta and a tasty and relatively quick to make dessert. The salad recipe is first....
Delicious Recipes with BreamDelicious Recipes with Bream
17 Mar.
Here are our recipes: Bream with cherry tomatoes and garlic Ingredients: 4 breams, 4 cloves of garlic, 12-14 cherry tomatoes, olive oil, lemon, parsley, salt, ground black pepper, olives....
Yummy Recipes with BassYummy Recipes with Bass
24 Feb.
The last recipe is for bass with mushrooms and tomatoes. It is quick to make, and the result will be to your liking. Cut the vegetables into round slices....
Appetizing Recipes with PumpkinsAppetizing Recipes with Pumpkins
29 Jan.
Pumpkins are often used in the preparation of desserts, as well as very salty recipes. No matter which dish they're added to however, they always present an appetizing and irresistible flavor....