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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy herein aims to inform you of how Grad.bg LTD uses your personal data as a personal data administrator and how you can change your preferences and settings regarding this usage. What this privacy policy asserts.
Beginning 25 May, 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be implemented in Bulgaria. It was passed by the European Union and its goal is to unify the policies, related to collection and usage of personal data, of member states of the EU. It also aims to uphold integrity, to protect personal data, in order to provide better security against misuse and attempts at misuse of the personal data of each and every one of us. All data with which a given user can be identified are considered personal data. These include email, names, mobile phone numbers, address and IP address.
The new regulation has a number of requirements which Grad.bg LTD implements and which you can learn about here. Among them are:
  • - Informing you of which of your personal data we use;
  • - Informing you of why we use them;
  • - Asking your permission to use them when offering additional services, such as targeted marketing, based on these.
  • - Providing you the option of changing your permissions for various goals, so that you have more freedom.
  • - Ensuring you the right to ask for changes to your data, their deletion, as well as to “forget all data”.
  • - Listing all third parties/other companies which we provide data to.

Data that we collect from our registered users

Your data is collected and used for several reasons. One reason is for us to analyze the actions of users on our sites in order to improve them. The data we obtain during user registration are needed for us to establish contact with the user, to ensure up-to-date information for the user, as well as to be able to provide the information to the authorized bodies that require it of us.
From the users on its assortment of websites, Grad.bg LTD collects specific data from user-completed registrations in order to analyze the behavior of its users, as well as to present them with more relevant content and ads. The following categories of personal data are collected:
From tastycraze.com – username, email address, IP address during registration, as well as other personal data that the user may include but which are not required, from the admin panel in the site. Added articles, stories and comments are made public, as is their nature.
Added recipes, articles and comments are public, which is why we kindly ask you not to post any personal information or data that you would not like to see publically shared therein.

Data sharing with third parties

Grad.bg LTD does not share your personal data with third parties unless required to do so by legal provisions or when needed to offer services agreed upon by you. We work with marketing platforms such as those used by Google, Etarget, Criteo, Adnow, social networks and other partners, whose code, integrated into our site, may collect data about how you use the site you are on.
Grad.bg LTD does not authorize the use of, does not sell, does not reveal and does not share information about you (personal data as defined by the GDPR) with other parties or with independent companies, unless when necessary to deliver to you the services you've agreed upon and when you've provided your permission, or in any of the following scenarios:
The information is provided to trusted partners, who work on assignment by Grad.bg LTD based on contractual relationships and following confidentiality agreements. These companies can utilize this information to enable Grad.bg LTD to deliver ads to its users. Despite this, these companies do not have the right to share this information. These companies are (list is not exhaustive):
Google with its corresponding products: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers, AdX, AdSense, Google Plus: https://privacy.google.com/#:;
Facebook with its corresponding products: Facebook Tracking Pixel, Facebook Tools – Plug-in “like” button, Sign in with Facebook profile and others.: https://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation;
The information is in compliance with the lawful decrees of court orders on legitimate requests by authorized bodies (in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act, the Criminal Procedure Code, the Criminal Code and others).

Data protection

When we store the information it is physically saved to servers, collocated in data storage centers.
We limit the access to information about you on part of the employees working under the authority of Grad.bg LTD, except in the cases when there is reasonable cause for them to work with this information with the goal of offering services or in relation to employees carrying out their work obligations.

Controlling the personal data that we store

You have the following options for controlling the personal data that we've collected and that we store:
  • - You have the right to obtain a copy of the personal data that we store in order to look over it, as well as to check it and ask that corrections be made;
  • - You can inform us about changes to your personal data;
  • - You can ask us to delete the personal data that we store;
  • - If you are a registered user, in the admin panel of any of our sites you can at any time change your personal data, excluding username and enamil. If you'd like to change your username or email, you can contact us through the contact form.
  • - You can ask us to send your personal data to a third party.
  • - If you'd like to take advantage of any of these rights of yours, contact us through the contact form.

Contact us

Grad.bg LTD, BIN 101793990, 13 Stefan Karadzha St., Bansko 2770, Bulgaria. Phone: +359 898448696. Data Protection Officer: Ivan Kostov; email: admin@grad.bg