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Deep Fried OctopusOctopusDeep Fried Octopus1"why couldn't you use the same batter as you do for fried Calamari ?"
Fried Octopus3AppetizersFried Octopus1"Doesn't say how Long to fry!! I would think that's important for those who have ..."
Fried Chicken ButtsAppetizersFried Chicken Butts1"What the hell are "chicken butts"?"
Fried Feta Cheese with a Walnut Crust2Breaded Cheese CurdsFried Feta Cheese with a Walnut Crust1"I love this recipe so much I tried to make it myself and added a few more tips a ..."
Chebakia - Fried Moroccan Donuts2DonutsChebakia - Fried Moroccan Donuts1"Chebakia is actually not a Moroccan donut. Chebakia is a honey and sesame seed p ..."
Pickles for the Winter Without Boiling3Canning RecipesPickles for the Winter Without Boiling1"How long will these stay good for? Will the need to stay in the refrigerator? Or ..."
Lemon GlazeCake GlazeLemon Glaze1"Made the lemon glaze which made my lemon bundt cake even better!"
Homemade Fig Brandy2BrandyHomemade Fig Brandy3"How much is 20 pkts on citric acid in grams"
Apple BaklavaBaklavaApple Baklava1"what is the green stuff on top? is their more added to this?"
Arab Moist Syrup Cake with MilkSyrup CakeArab Moist Syrup Cake with Milk1"Looks easy enough and I would like to try. How hot does the oven need to be? D ..."
Veal with Peas5StewVeal with Peas1"Made this today it was delicious , hubby is thrilled. Only one change at h is re ..."
Irresistible Carrot CakeCakesIrresistible Carrot Cake1"What baking pan's size is the best for this cake?"
Liver SkewersBBQ SkewersLiver Skewers1"This picture doesn't have anthing common with the recipe!"
Easy Apple CakeApple CakeEasy Apple Cake2
"about 0.04 tsp or 1/25 tsp."
Sponge Chocolate CakeCakesSponge Chocolate Cake1"what is meant by 1 packet butter and 1 packet baking powder in this recipe? can ..."
Filo Pastry CakeSweet Phyllo PastryFilo Pastry Cake2
"Hello. Recipe has been edited and fixed. Stick the filo pastry sheets together w ..."
Sweet Fritter Bombs with 1 EggFrittersSweet Fritter Bombs with 1 Egg2
"Enough to get a medium-stiff dough. Start adding a little at a time to reach tha ..."
Chicken with Dock and Rice3Stewed ChickenChicken with Dock and Rice1"great recipe, worth trying"
Chicken and Pork Sach5SachChicken and Pork Sach2
"Try Ebay or Amazon"
Finnish Kalakukko Fish PieSavory PieFinnish Kalakukko Fish Pie1
"How much butter in step one?"
Armenian Matnakash BreadBreadArmenian Matnakash Bread1
"2 cups of flour does not equal 500 Grams but only around 250. So which one is co ..."
Grilled Carp with Saffron4Baked FishGrilled Carp with Saffron1
"Are you kidding me ? Do you know -saffron - 1 tsp is not 5 g!"
Grilled Carp4Baked FishGrilled Carp1
"the pictures show salmon steaks!"
Pancakes with Soda WaterPancakesPancakes with Soda Water1"How much Flour??????? Please Thankyou."
Homemade Halva with NutsHalvaHomemade Halva with Nuts1
"Really? without tahini..."