Tasty Hunter-Style Chicken

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"How could you not feel the urge to eat some? It looks so appetizing."
Preparation30 min.
Cooking60 min.
Тotal90 min.
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Clean and wash the chicken. Cut it into 6 portions - fillets and legs/ remove the wings and neck, set aside for soup.

Clean the onions and cut them into crescents. Chop the mushrooms and smoked chicken breasts very finely. Remove the garlic's peels.

Put the chicken meat pieces and onions in a suitable pot, saute them on low heat in vegetable oil.

In another container, saute the mushrooms and smoked breasts in the butter.

Pour the red wine over the chicken meat, add the mushrooms and smoked breasts, black pepper, paprika, whole garlic cloves and bay leaves.

Deglaze until the alcohol evaporates - about 6 min. Remove the semi-cooked dish from the stove and leave aside for 1 hour to take in the flavors.

Return to the stove, add salt to taste, the tomato salsa, chicken broth and tomato paste.

Cover tightly with a lid and leave to boil at high temperature until the meat softens (about 10 min.), then lower the stove and leave to simmer until the sauce is left in just oil.

Tip: If you prefer to have more sauce remain in your dish, thicken it with 1 tbsp flour when the meat is ready.

Sprinkle generously with fresh parsley.


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