Homemade Fillet

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"Thinly sliced, so that your wine will be enough."
Preparation24 min.
Тotal24 min.
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  • pork loins - 3.5 lb (1.5 kg)
  • salt - 2 lb (1 kg) coarse
  • sugar - 1 tbsp
  • spices - for rolling in
  • savory
  • cayenne pepper - sweet + spicy
  • black pepper - ground

How to cook

Remove the membranes from the meat. You can cut it into 2 halves lengthwise. Make holes here and there with a fork. Mix the salt with the sugar. Cover the meat well or pieces of meat with coarse salt. Put coarse salt beneath the meat as well. Cover and leave to sit for 24 hours if it's 1 whole piece or 12-16 hours if they are in halves.

After the time is up, wash the meat under running water. Start pressing them with a towel. The more water that comes out, the better.

Mix spices to taste, you can add others, it's up to you. The spices listed are the ones we like so they're the ones I use. Roll the meat out well in the spices. If there's any cuts you've made, stick them in there too.

Stick a thread through them and hang up to dry in a ventilated, cool area for 14 days. You can leave covered with newspapers if you like but be sure to change the newspaper out every day.

After 20 min. your fillet will be ready for consumption.


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