Homemade Chocolate Spread

Maria KostoffMaria Kostoff
Homemade Chocolate Spread
Preparation20 min.
Cook40 min.
Тotal60 min.
"Today we`re going to present to you an unbelievable Homemade Chocolate Spread, which some prefer to call a chocolate cream. Whether it`s a cream or spread, you can decide for yourself but we guarantee that it`s remarkably delicious"



How to cook

Prepare jars for the storage of the liquid chocolate. Wash them in hot water and dry them well. In a pot, mix all the dry ingredients. Stir and gradually add the milk. If necessary, strain of lumps.

Note that the mixture needs to be uniform. Add the butter and put it on low heat. Stir constantly to avoid leaving behind any lumps in the mixture, as it thickens very quickly, especially at the bottom. Optionally, you can add nuts. Cut them into small pieces and grind them to a fine powder, then the liquid chocolate will obtain a refined nutty flavor.

You can use finely chopped dried fruits as well. Mix everything and boil until thickened, without leaving the mixture to boil. When you see the first bubble appear on the surface of the chocolate, remove it from the heat. After removing the chocolate from the heat, pour it into jars.

Pour carefully, so that the jars don't crack due to the hot liquid. After several hours, the chocolate spread will thicken.


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