Homemade White Wine

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"The process of making white wine is considered truly sacred."


  • grapes - white varieties, like Riesling, Muscat, Chardonnay, Merlot, Traminer, Aligote, etc.

How to make

White wine requires more subtle treatment of the material than red. Most important in the production of white wine is to ferment without the seeds, stalks and skins. For this, you could put a slated grill on the bottom of the barrel, at a distance of 1 cm.

This way, only juice will come out through it and the rigid parts will remain over the grill. You can put a dense grill of grapevine sticks in front of the internal opening of the cinnamon, because this way- yields will increase. Hold the cinnamon open and while filling the container, strain the juice.

You can mash the grapes with a manual press to maximize extraction. Pressing happens immediately after completion of the natural drainage of extra juice and then, add the extra juice that was obtained.

The wort is usually opaque and should be cleared. 4 1/5 cups (1 liter) of wort is mixed with 1 g 6% sulfurous acid. Thus prepared, you must leave the wort for 16-20 hours. You can make this faster at a lower temperature - the cooler it is, the faster the process occurs.

Put the cleared mixture through the fermentation container, but do not fill it to the end and leave a little off the top. Usually, the separated sludge is added to the marc and after fermentation, it is used for making brandy.

Finally, to 26.42 gal (100 liters), 2% of the yeast must be added the wine is now ready for fermentation. The container should be in a cool room.

Go through tumultuous fermentation, then top it off and let quiet fermentation to take place. Having completed fermentation, the white wine is left for up to three weeks to clear.

Finally, the wine is separated from the marc, so as not to turn sour and spoil.


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