Wedding Loaf

Maria KostoffMaria Kostoff
Wedding Loaf1 / 2
Preparation45 min.
Cooking35 min.
Тotal80 min.
"A hand-kneaded loaf decorated with plenty of love, for one of the most important days in the lives of any couple in love!"


  • flour - 6 2/5 cups (750 g)
  • salt - 2 tsp (10 g)
  • yeast - 1 1/3 tsp (7 g) powdered
  • eggs - 2
  • butter - 1/3 cup (75 g)
  • honey - 1 tablespoon
  • water - 4/5 cup (200 ml.)
  • for decoration
  • flour - 2 cups (250 g)
  • water - 2/5 cup (100 g)
  • butter - 3 1/3 tbsp (50 g)
  • salt - 1 tsp (5 g)

How to cook

Sift the flour and mix with the salt and yeast. Make a well in the middle and pour in the lightly beaten eggs, honey and water. Mix everything and add the soft butter.

Knead a soft and smooth dough for about 10 minutes. Allow it to rise in a greased bowl, covered with a towel for an hour and a half. Then set aside 10.5 oz (300 g) of the dough for the lower part of the loaf. Roll it out into a long wick, twist it and distribute along the periphery of a greased tray. In the middle of the greased tray, distribute the remaining dough after forming it into a smooth ball.

The prepared in the standard way decorative dough for the decorations of flowers and roses needs to sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours prior to forming the decorations and then another 12 hours after you make the flowers and everything else that you'd like to decorate the cake with.

It's easiest to just cut out the rolled out decorative dough using cookie cutters - it's a matter of ingenuity and dexterity. Smear the decorated loaf with a beaten egg and leave to rise for 1 hour.

Bake the loaf in a preheated 356°F (180°C) oven for about 30 minutes, or until ready.


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