Easy Homemade Cake with Vanilla

Easy Homemade Cake with Vanilla1 / 3
Preparation30 min.
Cook40 min.
Тotal70 min.
Servings12-14 pieces
"This recipe is a total hit and delight for the senses!"


  • eggs - 5 + 4 egg yolks, for the cream
  • flour - 1 cup
  • sugar - 1 cup
  • vanilla - 2 packets
  • flour - 3 tablespoons
  • milk - 4 1/5 cups (1 l) for the syrup
  • sugar - 1/2 cup
  • eggs - 4 egg whites for decoration
  • sugar - 1/2 cup, for the egg whites
  • biscuits - chocolate, crushed or chocolate for decoration

How to cook

For the layers, beat the egg yolks of 5 eggs with half the sugar and the other half - with the egg whites. Then, using a wooden spoon, gently mix the 2 parts and add sifted flour while stirring. Pour the mixture into a greased and floured baking tray and bake in a preheated oven at 356°F (180 °C) until golden.

Once the finished layer cools, cut it into 3 pieces with a knife or thread. To prepare the cream, put the milk to boil with half the sugar. Beat the yolks with the remaining sugar and vanilla and add flour to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

While stirring continuously and vigorously, add the boiling milk and stir until thickened. Beat the egg whites for decoration with a pinch of salt and 1/2 cup sugar into powdery snow.

Soak the layers with milk or compote juice - according to your preferences. Smear the layers with the cream to glue the cake layers together. If you have any cream left, smear it on top.

Cover the cake with the egg whites and crushed chocolate biscuits and sprinkle with grated chocolate for decoration.


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