Green Fig Jam

"An aromatic jam of green figs that brings back childhood memories!"
Preparation20 min.
Cooking40 min.
Тotal60 min.
Servings6-8 jar
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  • green figs - 4.5 lb (2 kg)
  • sugar - 2 lb (1 kg)
  • citric acid - 1 tsp (5 g)


Cut the figs’ handles off cleanly and pierce them in two places with a small knife or fork. Boil them 3 times in water, for 5 minutes each time. In the first water, put a tablespoon of copper(II) sulfate, which is used for spraying vines. It will keep the figs green.

After boiling each batch of water, cool the figs off with cold water, and squeeze gently until completely flattened, but do not break them apart. Boil a strong sugar syrup - from 2 lb (1 kg) sugar and 2 cups (500 ml) of water in a dish on high heat. Put the figs in in batches. They will slowly take in the syrup and swell to their original size. Once this happens, remove from the heat and add the citric acid.

Pour the jam immediately into jars - first the figs, then pour in the syrup. Still, be sure to check the density of the syrup on a dry porcelain saucer. Put the lids on - no sterilization is necessary - the sugar content is over 60% and practically lasts forever.find similar recipes here

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