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Biscuit Cake with Bavarian Cream in Cups

Biscuit Cake with Bavarian Cream in Cups
Image: Kulinarna mreja
Preparation15 min.
Cooking30 min.
Тotal45 min.
"You dont need many ingredients to prepare an impressive dessert - this biscuit cake in cups proves it"


  • biscuits - 1 package plain
  • chocolate sprinkles - for sprinkling
  • for the cream
  • eggs - 3
  • sugar - 3/4 cup
  • flour - 8 tbsp. with a tip
  • fresh milk - 5 and 1/2 cups
  • butter - 2.5 oz (70 g)
  • vanilla - 1

How to cook

What is specific about this biscuit cake with Bavarian cream in cups is the preparation of the Bavarian cream. That's why we start with him.

Beat the eggs with the sugar very well, add the flour, then the vanilla, and beat again (with a mixer).

Finally, pour in the milk, stirring only with the mixer stirrer.

Put on the stove to boil, stirring constantly, so that it does not form lumps and the eggs do not curdle.

When the cream for our biscuit cake is ready and has thickened enough, remove from the heat and add the butter.

Break the biscuits in the blender (it's a good idea to leave them whole if you have large enough cups).

In each cup, we arrange a row of crushed biscuits, which we press and level well, a row of cream, a row of biscuits, a row of cream, and sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles of your choice.

This delicious biscuit cake is an easy and tasty dessert!


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