Grilled Arabic Pita Bread

"While preparing these aromatic Arabic pitas, you`re going to have time to decide what to garnish them with!"
Preparation30 min.
Cooking30 min.
Тotal60 min.
Servings12 pcs
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  • yeast - 1 packet, dry
  • sugar - 1 - 2 pinches
  • water - 1 cup, warm
  • flour - 4 1/2 cups, white
  • salt - 2 tsp
  • olive oil - 1 tablespoon


Dissolve the yeast in 1/2 of the heated water with 1 tablespoon of the flour and sugar. Mix well and leave for 20 minutes for the yeast to activate.

Next, add the remaining water, salt, olive oil and half of the sifted flour. Stir with a spoon in one direction until uniform. Add the remaining flour and knead a dough. Oil it lightly and cover it with aluminum foil, then wrap the bowl with a towel.

Allow it to rise until doubled in size. Knead it again and leave it to rise the same way again. Then lightly flour it and divide it into 12 equal balls.

From these, roll and shape flat pitas with a diameter of about 8″ (20 cm) and thickness of about 3/16 (5 mm). Bake the pitas in a flat non-stick grill, or pan with a thick bottom, greasing it slightly before putting in each pita. Baking takes about 15-20 seconds on one side, and on the second - a minute.

Flip back over to the original side and so on until ready. Bake each pita for about 3 minutes. The baked Arabic bread can be smeared with butter if desired.


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