Green Plum Brandy

"And here`s the recipe for the infamous Green Plum Brandy that`s tastiest when drunk responsibly!"
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  • green plums
  • sugar
  • water


Remove green plums’ pits and mash them in a keg. Once foam starts to come out, add sugar in a ratio to water of 1 to 4/5, dissolved in advance. The concentration of sugar in the sugar solution must not exceed 17-18%.

For example, for 551 lb (250 kg) of green plums, put 66 lb (30 kg) or if the sugar content of the plums is 5-6%, add 26.5 lb (12 kg) of sugar per 220 lb (100 kg) of fruit pulp. Generally, fermentation lasts 2 weeks in warm weather, make sure to stir 2 - 3 times every day.

You can add expired compotes, syrups and jams. Then boil it.

All the initial and secondary substances obtained must be removed during boiling. Distil 2 times and store in kegs.find similar recipes here

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