Fried Eggplant Pickle

"You can eat fried eggplants not only as a salad but also prepare a few jars for sterilizing. And they`re just as good then too!"
Preparation15 min.
Cooking120 min.
Тotal135 min.
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  • eggplants - 22 lb (10 kg)
  • garlic - 2 lb (1 kg)
  • parsley - 10 bunches
  • black pepper - 2 tablespoons
  • allspice - 1 tablespoon
  • bay leaf - 10 - 15
  • salt - 3 - 4 tablespoons
  • oil - 4 1/5 cups (1 l)


Peel the eggplants and cut them into 1/2″ (1 cm) thick slices. Salt them well and leave them for 1 hour to drain out their bitterness. Then rinse, dry and fry them in preheated oil.

Let the eggplants drain and cool. Begin to arrange them in jars in rows and between them, sprinkle a mixture of garlic, pinch of salt, some black pepper grains and allspice, bay leaf and cover the top with parsley stalks. Follow this sequence until the jar is filled to 2 fingers below the rim.

Cross 2 sticks on the very top to press the eggplants down. Add cold raw oil into each jar. Cover with parchment paper and store them in a cool area. It is advisable to sterilize them once you put the caps on.
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