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Macaroni Lasagna with Minced Meat and Cream

Macaroni Lasagna with Minced Meat and Cream
Preparation40 min.
Cooking80 min.
Тotal120 min.
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  • macaroni - 17.5 oz (500 g)
  • mince - about 2 lb (1 kg)
  • onions - 2 - 3 heads
  • garlic - 6 cloves
  • cheese - 10.5 oz (300 g)
  • cooking cream - 2 cups (500 g)
  • milk - 3 1/3 tbsp (50 ml)
  • parsley - dried, can use fresh for decoration
  • margarine - 3 - 4 tablespoon
  • liqueur - 2 - 3 tablespoons (or rum or whiskey)
  • olives - chopped, optional

How to cook

Boil the macaroni and mix them with the margarine. Take about 2 oz (50 grams) of cheese and set it aside. Grate most of the cheese and add it to the macaroni, stirring well. Add the olives in a little while. Leave them covered with a lid to stew.

Mix the mince with the onions and 3 cloves of garlic, which have been cut into small pieces ahead of time and fried in a very lightly oiled pan. Mix until the mince begins to separate into small parts. Just before removing from the heat add the parsley, according to taste.

Once the filling is ready, add it to the macaroni, stir the whole mixture well and cover once again.

Throw in the other 3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped as well, into a heated pan, along with the milk and cream. Mix to thickening.

In a lightly greased baking dish, pour in the mixture of macaroni and mince evenly, you can form it carefully on top and press in order to get a dense crust. Pour on the cream mixture on top and bake for about 30-35 minutes or until golden. Grate the remaining cheese, sprinkle it evenly over the entire lasagna and bake for another 5-6 min.

Optionally, sprinkle it lightly with paprika here and there. You will get about 6 servings.

I hope you enjoy it, I always do!


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