Alpine Style Sausage

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Preparation210 min.
Тotal210 min.
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  • pork - 15.5 lb (7 kg)
  • veal - 6.5 lb (3 kg)
  • livers - 2 lb (1 kg), pork (optional)
  • intestines - processed for sausages
  • cumin - 1 handful
  • dill - 1 handful
  • savory - 1 handful
  • leeks - 1 sprig
  • black pepper - 3 tablespoons
  • salt - to taste


The pork must have some fat on it, otherwise the sausages will be very dry. If you use lean pork, add 2 lb (1 kg) of bacon to it.

The liver is optional, you can do without it. The meat is cut into pieces and ground coarsely. The leeks are cut into very small pieces and put in the ground mixture. Add spices and mix everything well. The resulting mixture is filled in the intestines, through the meat grinder's funnel. You can also use a sausage filler.

Once ready, the intestines are tied with string and hung in a cool dry place. The location must be dry and ventilated, otherwise you risk your sausages getting moldy. Dry for 20-30 days, depending on the weather and location.

While raw, the sausage can be fried or grilled immediately on low heat.find similar recipes here

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