Butcher's Cake

"With a butcher`s cake like this one, I just might start celebrating my birthday at least 4-5 times a year!"
Preparation40 min.
Cooking90 min.
Тotal130 min.
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  • veal nuts - 1 set
  • veal - 17.5 oz (500 g) loins
  • butter
  • black pepper
  • allspice - 2 - 3 grains
  • mushrooms - just a few, sauteed in butter

How to cook

I cannot help but write a short story related to this topic. Once I told my son that I had found a wonderful shop on a farm that had its own meat production. And he said to me: Ask them if they have any veal nuts and I'll cook up something special for you. However, when I asked about them, they nearly just laughed at me. It turns out that butchers never sell them anywhere and cook them for themselves.

Okay, but soon after I persuaded some people in a village to sell me a little meat after they slaughter their calf. And when I went to pick it up, I asked them: Will you give me the veal nuts?

Oh, said the farmer, Let me see if I didn't throw them to the dog already. I can't imagine the expression I had on my face! But he brought them to me!

That is when I finally tried this butcher’s cake. Here is the recipe.

Clean the veal nuts from their skins and boil them for half an hour in salted water with black pepper, two or three grains of allspice and a bay leaf. The mushrooms (3-4 champignons are fine but boletus are better) are finely chopped and sauteed in the butter until soft.

Make incisions along the veal loins (but do not cut through all the way) in the middle and on the wide side (to get it looking like a submarine sandwich that only opens up on one side), lay it out for tenderizing.

Tenderize it to a thickness of about 1/4 (5 mm). Add salt, sprinkle it with pepper and place the stuffing of finely chopped veal nuts and mushrooms all along the middle. Roll it up in a tight roll, smear it with butter, put it in an oven dish with salted water, cover it with foil and put it in a preheated oven, to bake on medium heat for a long while.

Roasting lasts about 1 hour. Serve it cut into slices (like you would a meatloaf, which, however, simply does not compare) and garnish with mashed potatoes.

It's amazing! By the way, veal nuts taste like something between brain and chicken liver, just like asparagus is something like a cross between cauliflowers and leeks.


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