Cake with Chocolate Mousse and a Marshmallow Decoration

Cake with Chocolate Mousse and a Marshmallow Decoration

Cake with Chocolate Mousse and a Marshmallow Decoration
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Preparation60 min.
Cook60 min.
Тotal120 min.
"Your challenge is to make this cake and take a picture of it."


  • cake layers - 1 package, ready - made, chocolate
  • cream - 2 cups (500 ml) (in total)
  • for the chocolate mousse
  • cream cheese - 4/5 cup (200 g), at room temperature
  • sour cream - 4/5 cup (200 g)
  • powdered sugar - 1 cup
  • cream - 1 cup from the total cream
  • dark chocolate - 7 oz (200 g) (melted in a water bath)
  • gelatin - 1 pack (dissolved in 3 1/3 tbsp (50 ml) water)
  • for the marshmallow decoration
  • marshmallows - 2/3 cup (150 g)
  • powdered sugar - 1 1/3 cups (330 g)
  • water - 3 - 4 tablespoons
  • food dye - to color
  • gelatin - 1/2 packet, to stabilize the cream and make decorations

How to cook

Preparation of chocolate mousse: beat the cream cheese with the sifted powdered sugar and sour cream into a homogeneous mixture, add the melted chocolate and stir well, then add the gelatin and finally 1 cup of the whipped cream.

Leave the mousse in the refrigerator to set for an hour. Prepare the marshmallow decoration as follows: Put the marshmallows in a glass bowl of water and put it in the microwave on the defrosting setting for 1 minute. Keep stirring until you get a thick homogeneous mixture.

Sift the powdered sugar, add food dye to it (blue in my case) for color and mix, place in a cool place and when you roll out the dough, if it's still sticky, you can add a little more powdered sugar.

Assembling the cake: in a cake form with removable sides, place one layer on the bottom, syrup lightly with syrup sugar on top and add a thick layer of mousse. I had 3 cake layers in my case.

On top and sides, smear the cake with the remaining cream, beaten and stabilized with the 1/2 packet of gelatin.

Leave the cake to harden for one day before consuming.


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