Pan Di Stelle Cake

Pan Di Stelle Cake

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Pan Di Stelle Cake
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Preparation40 min.
Тotal40 min.
"This cake with coffee and chocolate spread will have you licking your fingers. Don`t forget to save us a piece!"


  • biscuits - 24.5 oz (700 g), cocoa
  • liquid cream - 2 cups (500 ml), sweet
  • chocolate spread - 1 2/3 cups (400 g)
  • milk - 2/3 cup (150 ml)
  • coffee - 1 tsp
  • cocoa - 2 tbsp

How to cook

Beat the liquid cream to hard snow. Separately, melt the chocolate spread in a water bath. Heat the milk and add the coffee to it.

Place the removable ring of a cake form in the middle of the plate/platter you intend to serve the cake. Put a thin layer of cream on the bottom, then cover it with biscuits that you've soaked in the milk. Cover the remaining visible cream with crumbled biscuit pieces.

Next, cover the biscuits with a thin layer of melted chocolate spread, put cream again on top. Continue arranging ingredients in this manner until you get the desired height. You can also remove the ring carefully and continue decorating.

The cake is generally supposed to be decorated with biscuits soaked in milk on the sides and with cocoa sprinkled on top but you can do your own thing and use your imagination.

The cake needs to stay in the fridge for at least 2 hours before consumption.

Just to clear things up, this recipe uses typical Italian biscuits called Pan Di Stelle which literally means bread from the stars. They are cocoa flavored and characterized by white sugary stars on top. They're extremely delicious but you can substitute them with other cocoa biscuits, as long as they're sweet enough.

This is an easy and quick cake, remarkably tasty but also high in calories.


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