Dessert with Biscotti and Kiwi

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"No matter how much we eat, there`s always a spot reserved in our stomach for this amazing dessert."
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The cream I used was the powdery kind that doesn't require any heat treatment. Prepare it as described on the packet - make sure you have enough milk to whip it.

Get a cake form with removable sides, put biscotti on the bottom. To make it easier to arrange them you can break them in half, then cover the entire bottom with biscotti. Clean and cut the kiwis. Cover the biscotti with part of the cream, arrange some kiwis, cover with some crumbled meringues.

Next, place another layer of biscotti, cream, fruits, the rest of the crumbled meringues and cover with biscotti, cream and finally with round slices of kiwi at the very top.

Put thus prepared dessert in the fridge and leave it for at least 6 hours. The biscotti will soften because of the cream, while it hardens in return. Slide a knife carefully along the walls of the form, remove the sides and serve.


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