Round Loaf with Processed Cheese

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"For lovers of pitas everywhere, we`ve got this amazing proposal with a fragrant processed cheese center."
Preparation35 min.
Cooking40 min.
Тotal75 min.
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  • yeast - 1/2 cube, fresh
  • eggs - 3 (leave 1 yolk for smearing)
  • water - 1 cup (250 ml), warm
  • yoghurt - 4/5 cup (200 g)
  • sugar - 1 tbsp
  • salt - 1 tsp
  • oil - 5 tbsp
  • flour - about 2 lb (1 kg), for kneading a medium - thick dough
  • processed cheese - 1 container
  • feta cheese - 3.5 oz (100 g)
  • butter - for smearing
  • sesame seeds

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From the ingredients listed, knead a dough, divide it in 2 equal-sized balls and 1 smaller one for forming the center of the round loaf.

Divide each of the 2 equal-sized balls into 2 (for a total of 4 identical balls). Spread out 2 of them into rectangular sheets, butter them and sprinkle with processed cheese and a little feta cheese. Roll them up into 2 rolls.

Spread out 2 more sheets from the other 2 and place the 2 rolls in their middles. Make thin cuts on the sides, then use the resulting strips to wrap them over the roll in an interwoven pattern.

Place the resulting weaves in a circle in an oven dish with baking paper. Roll out a thin sheet from the smaller ball, smear it with butter and wrap it in a thin roll. Cut it in 2 and twist it. Place in the middle of the circle of weaves. Smear the loaf with egg yolk, a little yoghurt and oil and bake in a preheated oven until ready.


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