Tereyagli Yumurta Kapama

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"A traditional Turkish dish that we highly recommend you try. Delicious and very aromatic, it`s an egg dish you won`t ever forget!"
Preparation5 min.
Cooking6 min.
Тotal11 min.
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  • eggs - 4
  • vinegar - 1 tsp
  • butter - 2 1/3 tbsp (35 g)
  • olive oil - 1 tbsp
  • paprika - 1 pinch + 1 pinch smoked
  • cayenne pepper - 1 pinch, flakes
  • oregano - 1 pinch
  • black pepper
  • salt
  • parsley - several leaves


Wash the eggs very well under running water and put them in a pot with a little salt and vinegar to boil on the stove. Boil about 5 min., then remove from the boiling water and put them in cold water to stop the cooking process. The salt and vinegar in the water will help you peel them easier. Peel the eggs and cut them lengthwise into 2.

Put a pan with a ceramic or Teflon coating on the stove and heat it. Put the butter to melt in the olive oil. You can use regular oil instead; it's used to prevent the butter from burning.

Once the oil is heated up, lower the stove to a moderate temperature and put the egg halves with the white part facing the oil. Braise briefly to a golden color and turn them over carefully toward the egg yolk. Fry for about a minute but be careful not to over cook them.

Several seconds before removing the eggs from the stove, sprinkle with salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, plain paprika and a pinch of oregano. Optionally, add cayenne pepper flakes for decoration.

Remove from the stove and serve the eggs in a plate with the aromatic butter poured over them. Sprinkle with parsley leaves and enjoy.

Notes: The recipe is adapted from Valya and Irina's blog. Thank you girls, these eggs are fantastic!find similar recipes here

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