Sweet Turkish Delight Balls

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"They end up so delicious that a container with a lid won`t keep them safe - you`re going to need a a container with a lock."
Preparation30 min.
Cooking20 min.
Тotal50 min.
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In a bowl, sift the flour, add the yoghurt and ammonium bicarbonate which you've mixed together beforehand, as well as the melted and cooled lard, plus the vanilla sugar. Stir well, knead a smooth and stretchy dough, add more flour if needed.

Divide up the dough into small walnut-shaped balls. Flatten each ball lightly into a pita and add a piece of Turkish delight. Shape the whole thing into a ball again.

Arrange thus prepared balls in a tray with baking paper, bake in a preheated 356°F (180 °C) oven to a golden color.

While still hot, roll them in the powdered sugar and vanilla, which you've mixed beforehand.

Another way to do it is to mix the powdered sugar and vanilla in a plastic bag, put several of the hot balls in it and shake. Arrange in a suitable plate and leave to cool.

Store the Turkish Delight Balls in a container with a lid. The longer they sit around, the crumblier they get.


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