Strawberry Syrup without Boiling

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"It would be a shame not to make this strawberry syrup when there`s so many fresh fruits out on the market."
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  • strawberries - amount as desired
  • sugar - 2 parts sugar for every 1 part juice
  • citric acid - 1 tbsp per 2 lb (1 kg) sugar


Option 1
The easiest way to make it is to put the washed strawberries in a juicer. Strain the resulting juice if needed. If you don't have a juicer, pass the fruits through a fine sieve.

Pour in 2 parts sugar for ever 1 part strawberry juice. Next, add 1 tbsp citric acid for every 2 lb of added sugar, to prevent the syrup from crystallizing.

Stir everything until the sugar dissolves completely but without heating it. Then distribute the syrup into glass jars or bottles, close well with caps and store in a cool area.

Option 2
Arrange a layer of chopped strawberries in a jar, pour in a second layer of sugar. Continue until you've filled the jar and finish off with a thick layer of sugar. Close carefully and leave to sit for a few days until the sugar sucks in the juice from the fruits. Dilute the prepared syrup with water, according to taste.find similar recipes here

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