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Potato Soup for the Little Ones

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Potato Soup for the Little Ones
Image: Sevdalina Irikova
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Preparation15 min.
Cooking30 min.
Тotal45 min.
"It`s not true that kids frown at the sight of soup. They simply want a tasty one, just like this one here."


  • potatoes - 17.5 oz (500 g), fresh
  • carrots - 1
  • peppers - 1/2 red + 1/2 yellow
  • tomatoes - 1, medium, pink tomatoes are best
  • millet - 3 1/3 tbsp (50 g)
  • vermicelli - 2 tbsp (30 g)
  • butter - 1/5 cup (60 g)
  • parsley - 3 bunches, fresh
  • oil - 3 tbsp
  • eggs - 1 yolk
  • yoghurt - 3 tbsp
  • vegetable broth
  • water - 4 1/5 cups (1 L), mineral or spring water
  • peppers - 1/2 red + 1/2 yellow
  • onions - 1 head
  • parsnips - 1
  • parsley - 1 bunch with its roots and leaves
  • thyme - 3 bunches, fresh

How to cook

When preparing the vegetables you need to be sure you meet all hygienic standards involved with the preparation of children's food, in order to retain the maximum nutritional value of the products.

Wash all the vegetables thoroughly with water, clean them, peel and rinse once again.

For the broth, prepare a pot with a lid, pour the water into it and salt it once it comes to a boil. Add the aforementioned vegetables, coarsely chopped. Once they're boiled, strain the hot broth and leave the vegetables to cool. *

For the soup, cut the vegetables into fine cubes ahead of time, grate the tomato on a grater. Add the oil, the mashed onions separated from the broth and the carrot.

Once they're boiled well, add the peppers and potatoes. Leave the soup to boil on very low heat. Then come the tomatoes, along with the millet and vermicelli.

Make a thickening agent from the yoghurt and egg yolk, pour in a little of the broth from the soup to it.

Pour the diluted thickening agent into the soup after you've removed it from the stove.

Finally, add the butter and very finely chopped parsley. **

* When making soup for children up to the age of 5, don't make a roux, instead saute the ingredients in oil and water. Spices such as black pepper, bay leaf and allspice are not recommended.

Mash the boiled and cooled vegetables from the broth to prepare a vegetable puree, then dilute with milk or part of the broth itself.

** If your child doesn't like parsley leaves, boil them with the stalks and then remove them.

Avoid thickening agents with egg whites for children up to the age of 3, due to allergies.


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