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Cherry Plum Lemonade

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Cherry Plum Lemonade
Image: Iliana Dimova
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Preparation10 min.
Cooking35 min.
Тotal45 min.
"If you`ve never made cherry plum lemonade before, it`s time to fix that mistake."


  • cherry plums - 28 oz (800 g)
  • sugar - 4/5 cup (200 g)
  • water - 6 1/5 cups (1.5 L), mineral
  • geranium - 3 leaves
  • lemons - slices
  • ice

How to make

Be sure to use well ripened and sweet fruits. Wash them and remove their stems.

Put them in a suitable pot and pour the water over them. Bake on high heat for about 15 min. past boiling point, then lower the heat. Boil another 10 min. and remove the pot from the stove.

Leave them to sit in a cool area for 1 day. The next day, strain the juice, put the cherry plums in a cheesecloth, drain them carefully without pressing them (if you pass them through a sieve later you're going to get a wonderful nectar).

Mix the juice with the sugar and pour carefully into a pot. Boil until the sugar melts; during this heat treatment, add the geranium leaves.

Strain the liquid, refrigerate and then serve with lemon slices and ice.

Tip: If you'd like to prepare a syrup, add sugar and citric acid to the juice. Sterilize for 5 min.

You don't need to be that precise when it comes to the quantities because the sweetness ultimately depends on the fruits themselves. If the variety is a bit more sour, you can add extra sugar. Mine were really sweet - it's all a matter of taste preference.


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