Pumpkin Pie Extravagance

Darth Vader
"The next time someone tells you you`re in love with a pumpkin pie, keep enigmatically quiet and think back to this exquisitely sweet goodness with dates."
Preparation25 min.
Cooking30 min.
Тotal55 min.
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How to cook

Grate the pumpkin on a grater or use a blender if you have one. Melt the butter, cover a tray with baking paper and smear it with a small part of it. It's best if your tray has a diameter of no less than 12 1/2″ (32 cm). Cut the dates into tiny pieces.

Lay out the phyllo pastry sheets, take 1, smear it with butter and cover with a 2nd sheet. Sprinkle with part of the pumpkin, sugar, cinnamon, a few walnuts and pieces of dates.

Wrap the sheet into a roll and put it in the middle of the tray, arranging it in a spiral. Repeat for the rest of the sheets, wrapping them around the central one. Portion your products so you have enough for all of the sheets.

Smear the arranged pumpkin pie with butter and sprinkle with a little sugar. Heat the oven to 338°F (170 °C) and place the pumpkin pie in it.

Bake until golden for about 30 min., while keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't burn. Take it out and leave to cool. The quantities of ingredients listed are approximate - everyone decides for themselves how sweet and rich they want their pie.

The butter provides an irresistible aroma, while the dates complement the taste of the pumpkin in a fantastic way. Try it, it's really sweet.


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