Tarama Caviar

Darth Vader
"I`m always trying antipasti of all sorts to find the most suitable one for every drink out there. And I must admit - this one was impressive."
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  • caviar - 1 tbsp (tarama)
  • onions - 1 medium head
  • lemons - 1
  • bread - the middles of 3 dry slices
  • oil - 1 bottle
  • olives - 3 - 4
  • salty sticks - 1 large packet
  • dill - quantity as desired


Soak the bread in water. Start popping the caviar roe, the more that pop the better (if possible pop them all).

Squeeze the soaked bread with your hands to drain out the water and add them to the caviar, stir.

Grate the onions, stir to a homogeneous mixture. Start slowly beating with the mixer and pouring in the oil in a thin trickle.

You have to get a mayonnaise-like consistency, although a little bit thicker than it. You may have to add a little water if you've drained the bread too thoroughly.

Add the juice from the lemon (amount as desired), divide it up into servings, decorate with olives, dill and several salty sticks.

Break each salty stick into 3-4 pieces. Make them into a bundle, instead of using a fork, and dip in the caviar. And that's how it's eaten - with the salty sticks. The taste is phenomenal.


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